What's Your Finish? 4 Ways to Maximise Concealer/Foundation

What's Your Finish? 4 Ways to Maximise Concealer/Foundation

March 03, 2022

Concealer/Foundation was one of the first products released when Aleph first launched late 2018.

Concealer/Foundation is high performing makeup with skincare infused ingredients that deliver an impeccable finish while supporting your skin over time. Powerful active ingredients that help to achieve a flawless, glowing complexion the natural way.

Formulated for long lasting coverage the way you choose to wear it.

Below we outline four ways that you can wear Concealer/Foundation resulting in different finishes and coverage.

One product. Four ways. 

Concealer/Foundation + Serum/Primer = Light Coverage

If you are looking for a lighter, veil application look no further, Concealer/Foundation paired with our best selling Serum/Primer gives a light and dewy tinted moisturiser.

How to: On the back of your hand, mix 2-3 drops of Serum/Primer with 1/3 pea size Concealer/Foundation and apply to the face with clean fingertips and buff in with Aleph Diffuser Brush.

Why it works: A duo that when combined not only makes your skin glow but also is a smoothie of beneficial ingredients that support your skin over time. Serum/Primer also contains pigment holding ingredients to create the smoothest of complexions while holding your makeup in place.

Alaria Esculenta Extract is a natural active ingredient extracted from a species of brown seaweed. Its super powers come from living in an environment where it must adapt to extreme tidal pressure.

It resists these compression forces thanks to a strong network of elastic fibers. So, of course this ingredient was a must have for Concealer/Foundation, supporting and boosting skin elasticity, hydration and skin rejuvenation.

The Benefits: Alaria Esculenta Extract grows in a turbulent environment where it relies on its web of elastic fibres to remain intact. This means that Concealer/Foundation boosts and supports natural skin elasticity and hydration.

Aleph Serum/Primer formulation also has ingredients specifically chosen for their skin and supportive ageing benefits. Bluebird Hibiscus is a plant stem cell extract which can help to decrease superficial wrinkles on the face and provides antioxidants for the skin.

Concealer/Foundation = Buildable Concealer

Are you unsure of what order to apply concealer, is it before we apply foundation? After we have applied foundation to the skin? Both? We are here to help… Emma sets the record straight - there is no right order when it comes to applying Concealer, do what works and suits you.

Add Cheek/Lip Tint Ascend or Radiance Moon = Combat Dark Circles

If you get dark circles beneath the eyes or are looking for extra brightening under the eye area, these two hacks will be a blessing and they only take a few seconds.

How to Colour Correct Dark Circles: Using your Mixing Tool, decant a very small of Concealer/Foundation onto the back of your hand, and a much smaller amount- only a touch of Cheek/Lip Tint Ascend and mix together. Using your fingers dab the mixture under the eye to colour correct any blue/black circles and conceal any other blemishes. Watch the tutorial here ▶.

How to Brighten the Under Eye Area: Using your Mixing Tool decant a small amount of Radiance Moon onto the back of your hand along with your Concealer/Foundation - about a 1:3 ratio, and mix together. Using your fingers dab the mixture under your eyes for extra light diffusion. Watch the tutorial here ▶

Concealer/Foundation + Diffuser Brush = Glowy Natural Finish

To get medium coverage from your Concealer/Foundation we highly recommend that you use Aleph Diffuser Brush. This specially designed vegan hair brush has a densely packed head which helps to buff Concealer/Foundation seamlessly into the skin.

How to: Take a ⅓ of a pea size onto the back of your hand and use the Aleph Diffuser brush to apply Concealer/Foundation onto your skin. Build as desired.

Tip: if you can see the strokes of the brush on your face you are using too much of the Concealer/Foundation at a time. Remembering a little goes a long way.

Why it works: The beauty of Aleph Concealer/Foundation is not just the fact this product is infused with skincare benefits but it also has self adjusting properties so that it works with your individual skin.

The Benefits: One of the ingredients used in Concealer/Foundation really is nature's best kept secret and it’s native to New Zealand.

Totarol is a compound extracted from the Totara tree. The compound makes the wood extremely resistant to decay due to its potent antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Totarol is nature's antioxidant, more than three times stronger than Vitamin E Totarol is a force to be reckoned with. Due to its proven natural skin boosting capabilities it was a big MUST HAVE for us and this ingredient comes without harming the environment so another win.

Learn more about Totarol and it’s benefits here.

Concealer/Foundation + Prep/Finish Powder = Longwearing matte finish

If you have skin that tends to be more on the oily side or a dewy finish is something you try to avoid, we have you covered with Aleph Prep/Finish Powder.

As the name suggests this powder can prep the skin prior to application and /or be the final layer before you step out the door.

How to: Using Aleph Powder Brush gently pat and roll Prep/Finish powder onto the face. This will set the base for your Concealer/Foundation as it has specific ingredients to help mattify, disguise large pores and support Rosacea prone skin. It is light, non-drying and never cakey. Once prepped, layer Concealer/Foundation using Diffuser Brush in small buffing motions until the desired coverage is met. To finish off, apply Prep/Finish Powder again for a matte long lasting finish.

Tip: If you want to refresh your coverage or to take your look from day to night, take a pea size of Concealer/Foundation and one drop of Serum/Primer, mix together and apply with fingers for a quick refresh. 

Why it works: Prep/Finish Powder gives you a perfect base and a flawless finish, and like all Aleph products this features specially chosen ingredients that support your skin over time.

The Benefits: Bixa Orellana Seed Extract blurs the appearance of skin texture and tightens your pores where Soy and Rice extracts create an invisible barrier between your skin and the environment to help support the skin against blue light and environmental stressors.

So you not only look flawless but it's working skin magic at the same time.

Watch Emma’s tutorials here and here on the amazing Prep/Finish Powder.

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