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How To: Transition Your Makeup Regime To Summer

November 21, 2019

In life, there are many seasons. There’s the usual rotation of yearly calendar seasons, the seasons that occur throughout one’s lifetime and if you’re Auckland based, the constant four seasons in one day.

As the seasons are constantly changing, so is our skin. The skin will change depending on the stage of life you’re in, the time of year, and can sometimes even vary from one day to the next. You might find that in adolescence you had clear blemish free skin, while all of your friends battled nasty blemishes, only to reach your 40s and have acne make it’s unsightly appearance.

Young skin is typically smooth and plump and as we age, the skin loses its bounce, can seem dryer and pores may appear larger.

Winter skin can be drier and require more oil production and when the weather warms, the skin can continue to produce this extra lubrication possibly causing breakouts until it finds its new equilibrium.

In the summer, the skin is prone to sweating more which typically causes makeup to wear faster.

All of these varying skin qualities require different results from our skin care and makeup application.

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So, how do you get a flawless, lasting application regardless of what your skin is doing at any given moment without having to race out and buy new products every time you discover your skin taking a new turn?

Whether a one-off day of dehydration due to a late night or a more permanent change due to the change, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve formulated all of our Aleph products to be not only multi use and customisable in colour, but also in function, yielding infinite finishes depending on how you apply, combine and layer your products.

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"Changes" Cheat Sheet

Below you’ll find the ultimate beauty cheat sheet so you can customise your makeup so that it changes and works with your skin throughout the changing seasons.

Excess Oil

Apply your Concealer/Foundation to clean, dry skin by buffing a small amount at a time into the skin using the Diffuser Brush. Layer this until you have the desired coverage. Less is more in this case, and your foundation will have a better chance at staying put if there is less on the skin for it to absorb.

For days where the skin starts off with the perfect finish and gets shinier throughout the day: blot (never rub) excess oil with a tissue and lightly press a translucent powder over the Concealer/Foundation.

Use the Serum/Primer only at night for the regenerating, nourishing and balancing properties and once the skin evens out again. Try using 2 drops of your Serum/Primer to prep your skin for your Concealer/Foundation making sure it is fully absorbed prior to application.


Cleanse the skin and use your regular moisturiser. Then once this is fully absorbed, apply 2 drops of Serum/Primer, patting it into the skin. This will help seal in your moisturiser and protect the skin barrier from losing moisture and prep your skin for foundation.


Apply Concealer/Foundation to clean, dry skin by buffing a small amount at a time into the skin using the Diffuser Brush. Layer this until you have the desired coverage. When sweating occurs, blot with a tissue to remove moisture (do not rub). Your Concealer/Foundation is not water based, so will not run with sweat.

Changing Skin Colour

Your skin will begin to change colour as we approach a new season. Your skin may even appear a different colour from day to day due to various reasons like changes in health or diet.

To cope with these fluctuations in colour here are a few tricks to get the perfect finish all year round.

Products to Use

Radiance ~ Sun & Concealer/Foundation: Useful for changing seasons when the skin starts to take on more colour; for adding more light deflection to even out skin tone further when dealing with pigmentation.

How To

To create extra overall warmth and glow, mix a small amount of Radiance ~ Sun with Concealer/Foundation (2 parts C/F : 1 part Radiance) and buff into the skin with the Diffuser Brush. 

Products to Use

Radiance ~ Moon & Concealer/Foundation : To Brighten up the skin, useful for adding overall brightness and knocking back the colour of your foundation for those days/time of year when your foundation looks like it’s holding too much colour for your skin.

How To

To create extra overall brightness and luminosity, mix a small amount of Radiance ~ Moon with Concealer/Foundation (2 parts C/F : 1 part Radiance) and buff into the skin with the Diffuser Brush.

Products to Use

Concealer/Foundation Mixed shades : When you suddenly find your skin in between shades.

How To

Mix the desired ratio of your Concealer/Foundation with a lighter or darker shade depending on your requirements. A lot of the time, the darker your skin is, the more likely you might need a lighter shade around the eye area too. So having two shades on hand is a helpful way to avoid looking either washed out or too dark.

Products to Use

Terra Cheek/Lip Tint : Use Terra for extra depth of colour and bronzing. Ideal for those with darker skin tones who find a big difference needed in shades from the centre to the outer perimeters of the face.

Also works fantastically on all skin tones to achieve a matte bronze finish.

How To

Gently tap the middle 3 fingers over the product and buff into the skin in the areas requiring bronzing, contouring or extra depth.

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