Beautiful Beaches, Healthy Waters & Inspired People

Beautiful Beaches, Healthy Waters & Inspired People

July 21, 2020

Everyone deserves to experience luxury and radiate beauty without harming themselves or the planet.

Conscious choice is at the heart of the Aleph Beauty ethos and underpins everything we do. We want to support the health and well-being of people, planet and animals. And educate people to make inspired, conscious choices.

Earlier this year, we joined 1% for the Planet to support New Zealand charities in their environmental initiatives. Under our ethos to be people, planet and animal friendly we will be donating 1% of revenue to charities who support these causes.


We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Sustainable Coastlines who are on a mission to enable people to look after the coastlines and waterways they love.

Sustainable Coastlines Beach Clean-up

Since the first beach clean-up on Great Barrier Island in 2009, their efforts have extended nationwide, and further to the Pacific and Hawaii. Through the collective of volunteers, local communities and donors, Sustainable Coastlines have co-ordinated 1400 clean-up activities and collected over 1.5 million litres of litter.

Although beach clean-ups have been central to Sustainable Coastlines since the beginning, the charity recognises that the solution is bigger than simply removing the end result. The call to action is a change in the behaviour that produces these consequences in the first place.

Love Your Coast focuses on litter recovery through beach clean-ups and education to prevent new litter from entering marine environments. Love Your Water strives to improve the health of rivers and lakes with riparian planting and water-quality education. Litter Intelligence harnesses data insights to form a better understanding of our litter problem and take impactful action.

Sustainable Coastlines utilise education for a proactive approach to the environmental issues we face and to inspire positive change in the everyday lives of individuals. The host of events, behaviour-focused education and training provoke practical action to restore a litter-free New Zealand landscape.

Sustainable Coastlines Tree Planting

The challenges we face were created by people, and in turn, we must solve them.

At Aleph Beauty, we are committed to protecting our only home, mother earth. We believe that having the power to think about the choices we’re making is pivotal in changing the consequence-causing behaviour.

We admire the work of Sustainable Coastlines in keeping our coasts and waterways healthy and beautiful. And enabling people to challenge what everyone else is doing to inspire a new way of living.

Supporting the work of local charities is the next step in Aleph Beauty’s mission to be people, planet and animal friendly. We are eager to use our platform to support organisations who share our ethos and celebrate those working towards a future we can all be proud of.

Aleph Beauty is not only changing the way women approach makeup but advocating for sustainable progression and conscious enlightenment. We thank you for supporting us on this journey and helping us to support others!

Visit for other ways to support Sustainable Coastlines.

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