Aleph skincare-infused makeup

Skincare-Infused Makeup

July 12, 2022

Aleph aims to change the way we see the role of makeup in the beauty industry. We believe that makeup should actively work towards better skin health with every application. 

Every Aleph product is designed to work double-time to achieve better looking and feeling skin – enhancing natural beauty in the moment as well as over time.

All too often, people invest time, energy and money into their skincare routine only to have it ruined by conventional makeup products. 

Many mainstream cosmetic brands fill their products with microplastics, drying powders, and damaging chemicals. These formulas can strip the good oils from your skin, leaving it dehydrated, dull and susceptible to damage. Even the best cleanser, facial, or moisturiser can’t compete with skin-stripping ingredients. 

Makeup is in contact with your skin all day – longer than most other beauty products. It can play a huge role in maintaining balance and hydration for your face, yet leading cosmetic brands often use ingredients that get in the way of better skin. 

Aleph strives for a different approach.

What is skincare-infused makeup?

Each Aleph formula is crafted for quality, effective application, and with a distinct skincare purpose in mind.

Take Aleph Concealer/Foundation, for example. To achieve flawless coverage while also supporting healthy skin, the formula is filled with ingredients rich in amino acids, antioxidants and hydrating properties. Alaria esculenta extract, a species of brown algae, actively protects the skin from harmful environmental oxidative stress, helping reverse the signs of aging, while candelilla wax helps skin retain hydration. 

The role of double-action is on full display with Aleph Concealer/Foundation. Using powerful ingredients from nature, the product works beautifully on application to give the skin a smooth, glowing appearance. Meanwhile, it’s working all day, every day to actively enhance the health and integrity of your skin. 

Each Aleph formula is packed with a unique range of benefits.

While Aleph Lift/Lengthen Mascara provides effective coverage, lift and length in the moment, it also contains myrica fruit wax and a special blend of peptides to strengthen and nourish the  lashes over time. It’s really a mascara and natural eyelash serum in one.

Jojoba seed oil features in multiple Aleph products, including our Cheek/Lip Tint and Concealer/Foundation. This ingredient helps regulate sebum production on the skin and lips, and reduces water loss by forming a protective film.

Aleph Prep/Finish Powder, meanwhile, mattifies in the moment while also helping skin achieve a smoother look over time. Featuring Bia Orellana Extract to help regulate sebum production in the skin, the formula actively works to refine pore size. A special blend of Rice and Soy extracts are also added to help guard skin against the negative health effects of blue light and environmental pollutants.

Staying away from conventional synthetics

It’s easy enough to add good properties to a product. It’s another thing entirely to replace synthetic chemical thickeners, regulators and preservatives with natural, healthy alternatives.

Skincare-infused makeup is just as much about what we leave out as what we put in.

Most cosmetic brands choose to use microplastics, silicones and synthetic preservatives because they offer cheap, easy ways to achieve the right texture and keep products fresh. At Aleph, we strive to source natural alternative solutions.

Through extensive research and a commitment to sourcing people and planet-friendly ingredients, our founder Emma Peters has formulated dozens of makeup products without conventional synthetics.

Totatol, for example, is sustainably extracted from the New Zealand totara tree, and acts as a healthy and natural antibacterial and antimicrobial not only imparting these properties to the skin but also assisting in the stability and shelf life of the products. Find it throughout the Aleph collection.

Heptyl undecylenate, meanwhile, is used in Aleph products as an alternative to silicones. Derived from castor oil, this ingredient reduces greasiness for a light, dry feeling.

Discover the difference

At Aleph, health and sustainability drive us to create better quality makeup for better quality skin.

Our products are designed to achieve results beyond a single application. Skincare-infused makeup means gorgeous skin today – and healthier skin tomorrow.

Discover the powerful range of Aleph’s ingredient portfolio, or browse the full eco-friendly collection.



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