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How Conscious Choices Make The Future Bright

March 17, 2020

Challenging times can weigh you down and paralyse you in a state of doom. While it is easy to react in fear when feeling overwhelmed, a more positive and proactive approach is also possible (if not outright essential).

Hardship can be an opportunity to reassess the way we live and consider life in general, so we can improve it.

By making small, conscious changes every day towards a more sustainable, selfless lifestyle, we fully take charge of our lives instead of feeling trapped. We also improve our ecosystem and better our future, not just for ourselves but also for others. This conscious, proactive way of handling a challenging situation is empowering.

It is also simpler than it may look and there are easy, actionable steps we can take every day to make this positive, conscious shift.

Firstly, keeping healthy is paramount.

Thinking long-term versus right now will have an immediate health benefit but also set good habits for life.

It will allow you to consider your health as a whole instead of separate issues. This is very much what our Aleph philosophy is about: considering the whole to improve each part of the system – our name was actually chosen to bring to life that oneness concept.

This is also a fundamental principle of functional medicine, which views the body as one integrated system.

So to put it simply, by taking the long view approach, you will ensure a stronger health, for longer.

Take your immune system. If you consciously choose the food you eat, where it comes from and when you eat it, you can build a stronger immune system but also a healthier future.

Functional medicine expert Dr Mark Hyman, who explains this no-nonsense, fool-proof theory in his fantastic book Food Fix, has been treating patients for years by teaching them to make conscious decisions when they shop, cook and eat food.

His results on chronic diseases are simply staggering, with patients overcoming years of pain by changing their food habits and mindset around high-value nutrition.

Easy changes can simply be adding more probiotics to your diet to improve your digestive system. Or to look for foods rich vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C, D and E as well as zinc, calcium, magnesium, selenium, which all support your immune system.

conscious choices person holding fruits in bed

When choosing your food, check what is added to preserve it if it is packaged and where it comes from so you can understand how clean and truly nutritious it is.
Tracing your food is not just a smart health decision, it is a conscious choice that can better your future too.

Be consciously sustainable all the way

By understanding where our food and ingredients come from (this is valid for beauty products too), we can consciously help a wider ecosystem.

The benefits of sustainable farming and the innovations made in the field of sustainable production far outweigh those of traditional agriculture, be it in terms of production, quality, environment, but also economically.

By supporting sustainable production, we support better ways to farm and support the well-being of local communities too. When you opt for a product that is made sustainably, the impact goes far beyond your own health benefits. You support jobs, the economy, the welfare and happiness of many people down the chain.

And the greater impact is all down to a series of small, conscious changes that we all can do, right now, at our own personal level, without investing much but time and thinking. That simple.

Project Drawdown, a global initiative that looks at a projected point (drawdown) where the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stops going up, and begins to reduce has identified that we already have what it takes to improve our future now.

So how do we achieve drawdown, you may think?

We need to be producing a net-negative amount of greenhouse gases. Which means removing CO2 and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere through reducing food waste, adopting plant-rich diets, improving health and education, supporting tropical forest restoration and sustainable farming.

Agriculture and land use are as polluting as power plants. But land also absorbs some greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, though obviously not enough to keep up with the current rate of human-caused emissions.

This is why at Aleph we support suppliers who are farming sustainably and we are committed to achieve drawdown by choosing consciously every day, in every area of our lives.

Consciously choosing is empowering

conscious choices rock formation

Knowing that we have the power to change things at a personal level, from our kitchen sink to our bathroom shelf is empowering.

It’s motivating and it’s elevating.

Focusing on making conscious changes that have a greater impact also reduces the latent stress that we all have been feeling building up as the collective fear and anxiety have taken over our social feeds.

Action is always a good remedy. When action is a conscious choice, the remedy is ten-fold more efficient. And when this conscious choice becomes part of a collective consciousness, then the remedy is a brighter, healthier future.

Be consciously social

Living consciously also has a positive social impact.

While reacting in fear is the direct response of self-focused needs, making conscious decisions means thinking of the way our actions impact on the lives of others. It has a direct, positive effect on our family, friends but also our wider community and way beyond our borders.

Staying connected and sharing ideas is more important than ever.

Connection is a source of happiness and keeping meaningful connections, nurturing caring relationships will not only enrich our own life but also create great new ways to live healthily and happily at a collective level.

So while the circle of news may seem overwhelming right now, focusing on making conscious choices for our life, now and in the future may be the hidden blessing of these challenging times.

It’s time to spread consciousness to empower.

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