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Eco-friendly Gift Guide: For A Sustainable Christmas

December 04, 2019

The countdown to Christmas is officially on, and shopping sustainably should be at the very top of your to-do list.

Luckily, buying eco-friendly gifts isn’t as hard as it used to be. From upcycled toys to fragrances made with natural, ethically sourced ingredients and all the green gifts in between, there’s an eco-friendly option for everyone (even that impossible-to-please person).

We’d love to share some of our favourite picks for Christmas to help you consciously navigate the holiday season.

1. Abel Fragrance

eco-friendly Christmas gifts abel fragrance

Made with 100% natural ingredients, Abel’s collection of fragrances are always a winner. Each scent is infused with a gorgeous combination of natural ingredients that evolve on the skin. Unsure of what scent to buy? Abel’s Discovery Set contains seven 1.5ml sample vials to play with, making this set the perfect gift for the fragrance-lover on your list.

2. Recycled Scrunchies

Not only are scrunchies the cutest hair trend we’ve seen all year, they also make the perfect stocking-filler. Many brands are now reusing leftover fabric (that they would normally toss in the bin) to create their scrunchies, saving the planet from tonnes of unnecessary waste. Plus, the options for colours and fabric are endless. One of our favourites is this recycled scrunchie from NZ brand, Crushes.

3. Meet The Re-Creators

eco-friendly Christmas gifts recreators

Rather than buying a toy to be used once and then discarded, the Re-Creators have the perfect solution. The Re-Creators are all about upcycling old items, and turning them into something new again. Based in Auckland, this group of super-innovators are working to change the way we consume things. They offer a variety of upcycling workshops for everyone, as well as a boutique online store where you can find gorgeous children toys and more.

4. DIY Body Scrub

DIY body scrubs are a Christmas staple and a great way to reduce waste. The store-bought versions are often filled with questionable ingredients, synthetic fragrances and packaged in plastic. Boo. But thankfully, a DIY alternative can be whipped up with the ingredients in your pantry! Oh and the best bit? They only take a few minutes to make - but it’ll look like you put loads of effort into your present-giving. For inspiration, see this list of homemade scrubs.

5. Aleph Beauty

eco-friendly Christmas gifts aleph beauty makeup

Give the gift of natural, vegan and cruelty-free makeup this Christmas. Here at Aleph HQ, we strive to be as ethical and considerate as possible. Our products are made with only the best natural ingredients, sourced sustainably from nature and packed into eco-friendly packaging. Discover our collection here and give the gift of a clear conscience this year.

6. Vintage Tote Bag

For another great stocking-filler, try a chic tote bag. These beauties come in many cute colours and options, and they can be used for virtually anything. One of our favourites, Simply Tote Bags, offers a variety of eco-friendly (and seriously cute) options for everyone!

7. Sustainable Starter Pack

At Aleph, we’re collectively obsessed with sustainable starter packs. They’re a great way to inspire others to embrace a zero-waste lifestyle plus they’re usually filled with handy stuff that always goes appreciated. You can’t go wrong with this bathroom starter pack from NZ brand, Crushes. How cute right?

8. Give Back

In the true spirit of Christmas, donating to a special cause is undoubtedly the best present you could ever give. Just a few dollars can make a world of difference to someone, and it’s a great way to do something meaningful with your money. You can often donate to an organisation in your gift-recipient’s name, so it’s like a gift to them and the cause. If you need inspiration, check out World Vision, ChildFund or The Salvation Army to learn how you can help. Alternatively, do your own research and find a cause that resonates with you.

With these eco-friendly gift ideas in mind, the team here wish you a very merry (and sustainable) Christmas!


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