Four Ways to Wear Aleph Lip Tint

Four Ways to Wear Aleph Lip Tint

November 03, 2020

Cheek/Lip Tints are multi-use for cheeks, lips and eyes but depending on how they are applied, we can create even more looks in each of these areas. In this video, Emma demonstrates how to create different looks using just one Cheek/Lip Tint.

4 ways to wear Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Crush on the lips:

  1. Soft and Subtle. Use the fingertip to lift a small amount of product from the pot and very softly dot the colour onto the lips. This creates a sheer lip tint for a natural, clean lip look.
  2. Brush for Bold. Using a lip brush, take product straight from the pot or decant and warm on the hand. Carefully smooth onto the centre of the lip and then blend out to the corners.
  3. Nourishing Glow. Top your favourite lip tint with a lip balm or gloss of your choice. This is great if your lips need some extra nourishment or if you want a shiny finish.
  4. Add some Radiance. Add dimension to a sheer lip tint by topping with Radiance. Using the fingertip, smooth Radiance across the lips for an iridescent lip look.

Experiment with the colours in your collection – these tricks work with all of the Cheek/Lip Tints for ultimate versatility.


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