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5 Eco-Friendly Trends We Can Get Behind

June 25, 2019

By now, we all know the trouble our planet faces if we don’t make some changes to our lifestyle. But where do we start? And how do we do better?

It seems like every purchase we make, every coffee we buy, and every piece of rubbish we ditch has a terrifying impact on our beautiful home. As individuals, we have the ability to help restore our planet and while this is an empowering thought, it’s also daunting.

In the past few years, the entire world has really stepped up its sustainability game. We’ve banished plastic bags, built electric cars, and demanded more from big corporations. But amidst all of this change, making improvements in our life can still feel overwhelming.

There’s a lot of misleading information around sustainability (take greenwashing for example), so figuring out what actually benefits the planet is harder than you think! Even the most informed eco-aficionado’s can have a tricky time figuring out what’s what. And when there’s so much at stake (aka Earth’s survival), investing your time into eco-friendly acts that actually work is vital.

To help steer you in the right direction, our team has combed through the newest trends in sustainability to find you the best. Whether you’re an eco-veteran or amateur, we hope these simple ideas will provide some fresh inspiration!

1. Mission compostable.

how to be eco friendly leaves

Aqua once sang “life in plastic, it’s fantastic,” and wow, how times have changed. With over 8 million metric tonnes of plastic thrown into the ocean each year, biodegradable products and packaging are more important than ever.

Besides coffee cups, we’re now seeing companies push the (biodegradable) envelope further with home compostable bags, cutlery, packaging and so many more daily life items.

2. Rent, not buy.

Do you remember when updating your closet was a seasonal thing? Now with clothing cheaper than ever, we’re quickly binning items after just one use and contributing to our ever-growing landfill problem.

Thankfully, some amazing companies like Designer Wardrobe have solved this problem for us. Instead of buying a one-time-outfit, you can rent ‘new’ clothing while remaining environmentally conscious. You don’t even have to leave your bedroom!

3. Minimalist mindset.

how to be eco friendly aleph makeup

Many people are embracing a refined, more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Buying less, investing in smaller homes and reusing more purchases.

At Aleph, we’re firm believers in the ‘less is more’ philosophy too. Especially when it comes to our beauty routine, which we try to keep as streamlined as possible. We’re all about using fewer but harder-working products!

This way, we’re not only saving ourselves precious time in the morning (valuable stuff) but we’re protecting the planet from extra waste. Winning!

4. Zero waste shopping cart.

Buying in bulk is another trend we’re in full support of. More and more wholefoods stores are slowly popping up that offer an easy, zero-waste shopping experience. Just bring along your jars, containers or reusable bags and bulk to your delight.

Not only are you reducing waste, but you’re also saving money, your food stays fresher and you can buy exactly how much you need. Shopping consciously makes a big difference to the planet and it’s a simple change to make. The hardest part is remembering to pack your mason jar.

5. Refill, please!

how to be eco friendly refilling station

Similar to the bulk store trend, we’re seeing innovative companies like Ecostore lead the way with handy refill stations for your bathroom necessities and cleaning products. Simply rinse out your bottle, find your nearest station, and begin saving the world one reused bottle at a time.

‘Reuse’ is definitely the buzzword of 2019 and this refill station concept really hits the nail on the head. 

In the end, reducing your carbon footprint on the world doesn’t have to be a daunting thought. We picked these five trends as our favourites because a.) they’re only small but their environmental impact is big and b.) they’re super simple to incorporate into your life. Now, go forth and make ‘eco-friendly’ your middle name!

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