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September 22, 2020 8 Comments

Aleph Beauty's compact collection takes the complication out of everyday makeup so you can streamline your beauty routine without sacrificing creativity.

But what is everyday makeup? The common assumption is that everyday makeup is simple, natural and subtle. Likely a combination of products that you feel comfortable using and confident to create the desired look.

Sometimes we can become so attached to our go-to look, that we forget to change things up and experiment with our everyday look. Similar to the favourite outfits we have in our wardrobes – except we don't wear the same thing every day.

Just as we pick outfits based on our moods, schedules and the weather, we can choose our makeup looks too. Redefining "everyday makeup" can help to reconnect with the fun and creativity behind makeup application.


There are so many ways to coordinate your daily outfit choice with your everyday makeup look. Use a splash of colour to spruce up your morning routine and wake up excited to put on makeup.

Forget the overwhelm of waking up early to labour over the countless products in your makeup kit. Aleph's synergistic product range is designed to be mixed and matched for ultimate versatility and customisation.

At Aleph, we believe you don't need a complicated routine to look beautiful. With just a few key products, you can create a stunning look, in a matter of minutes. 

To lend a bit of comforting creativity, the Aleph Beauty Team experimented with colour combinations and some of their favourite outfits.



Colour match your makeup to your outfit – Maria wears Concealer/Foundation 2.0 with Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Grounded on her cheeks. On the eyelids, a combination of Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Terra and Radiance ~ Sun to draw light into the eyes. Paired with Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Crush on the lips, with the colour slightly toned back using a touch of Terra. Perfectly matched to the autumn tones of Maria's favourite dress.



A pretty pop of pink for a cohesive colour match – Melissa wears Concealer/Foundation 2.0 with a bold matching lip mix of Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Crush and Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Réve. For the cheeks, a natural nude using Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Grounded, and on the eyes Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Terra and Radiance ~ Sun.



Complement a bold blue with Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Ascend. Alison wears Concealer/Foundation 2.0 mixed with Radiance ~ Moon to reflect light and create an even skin appearance, and a touch of Moon on the eyes to attract the light. A flush of colour with Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Réve on the cheeks and on the lips a mix of Réve and Ascend for a peachy-pink.



Recreate this look with a hint of colour for a fresh and youthful glow. Caitlin wears Concealer/Foundation 1.0 with Radiance ~ Moon to illuminate the eyes. Add a soft glow to the cheeks and lips with a mix of Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Réve and Radiance ~Sun.



Pair pinks and purples for a warm, winter meets summer look. Alana wears Concealer/Foundation 1.0 and a mix of Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Grounded and Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Réve on the cheeks and lips. Radiance ~ Moon draws light to the eyes, with a hint of Grounded for a cohesive look.



A stunning spring look, using a mix of Radiance ~ Sun and Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Ascend on the cheeks for a warm glow and then Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Crush on the lips for a pop of colour. Bex wears Concealer/Foundation 2.5 and a mix of Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Terra and Sun on the eyes.



Use Radiance and Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Pixie for a healthy, happy glow. Aurélie wears Concealer/Foundation 2.5 and for the eyes a mix of Moon, Sun and Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Terra. A pretty rosebud on the lips using Pixie and on a the cheeks a mix of Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Grounded, Pixie and Terra.



Pair a warm neutral with a smooth, winter lip – Becky wears a mix of Concealer/Foundation 2.0 and 3.0. With a lip combination of Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Terra and Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Réve. Brighten the look with Radiance ~ Moon across the eyelids to draw light into the eyes, and add a soft glow to the cheeks with Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Réve.



Pair a classic black with Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Terra and add a pop of colour with Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Pixie. Donnae wears Concealer/Foundation 2.0 with Terra as a contour and to define the eyes. Radiance ~ Moon attracts the light to the inner corners of the eyes, and Pixie is used for both the cheeks and lips for a cohesive finish.



The perfect nude for a natural look – Tiffany wears Concealer/Foundation 2.5 and on the cheeks Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Grounded. For the eyes, Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Terra and Radiance ~ Moon attract light and define the eyes. Complete with a lip combination of Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Pixie and Grounded.

Take back the creativity in your daily makeup routine.

It is so easy to change things up – mix a little bit of this and a bit of that to match your feel for the day. Allow yourself the time to play around with the products in your collection and find the perfect combinations for your next everyday look.

We would love to see you get creative and share your favourite colour combinations. Let us know in the comments below or tag us on Facebook and Instagram.


8 Responses

Alana @ Aleph
Alana @ Aleph

September 23, 2020

Hi Helen, we have a range of tutorials which could help perfect your eye and lip look – here is the link Feel free to reach out to us through email if you need any more tips 🥰

Helen Vicary
Helen Vicary

September 23, 2020

I would love you to make me up as a 71 year old. I can’t get my eye or lip colour quite right. And then there’s the wrinkles and sun damage!!!

Alana @ Aleph
Alana @ Aleph

September 23, 2020

Hi A Snooks, as you would have seen on our social media, we have a range of skin tones who look beautiful wearing Aleph. The photos here are of The Aleph Beauty Team 🥰

Alana @ Aleph
Alana @ Aleph

September 23, 2020

Hi Anne, these photos are of The Aleph Beauty Team 😊 If you would like to see a makeup look for more mature skin here is a link to our Over 60’s tutorial

Alana @ Aleph
Alana @ Aleph

September 23, 2020

Hi Trish, thank you so much 🥰 Mixing colours is so much fun, especially when you have the complete collection to play with! If you want to practice your application technique, here is a link to all of our video tutorials

Trish Weir
Trish Weir

September 23, 2020

Your ladies look stunning! I too like to mix my colours but I’m not sure I look as great as they do!! Maybe I need to use a bit more? I love your products…I have them all and would love an eyeliner if you ever produce one :0)

A Snooks
A Snooks

September 23, 2020

This is great however it would be even better to show more diverse skin tones and hair colour to be reflective of your customer base.

Anne Lynn
Anne Lynn

September 23, 2020

I would have loved to have seen someone in their 60s made up as it’s hard to relate to all those with younger skin.

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