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How To: Transition Your Makeup Regime for Winter

July 07, 2020

A consistent beauty routine does wonders for the health, look and feel of the skin. Although, what makes your skin glow in the summer may not give your skin the nourishment and nutrients it needs to thrive through the winter.

As the season changes, so does our skin. Exposure to environmental change causes the skin to react in different ways, affected by skin type, age and the products we use. All of these varying skin qualities require different results from our skincare and makeup routine.

Aleph Beauty has been specially formulated for versatility and multi-functionality both in application and skin-benefitting ingredients. Giving you the ability to customise your makeup so that it works for your skin throughout the year.

The age-old act of buying new products and makeup shades to adapt to the changing seasons is no longer necessary with these tips to transition your makeup regime for winter.


The skincare and makeup companion every complexion needs, this skin saviour is concentrated with potent active ingredients that penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Essential during winter as the skin's moisture evaporates more quickly in the cold, dry air.


To reduce transepidermal water loss, the contributor to dry, flaky skin texture, Serum/Primer contains soothing Tsubaki Oil. By retaining moisture, this powerful ingredient helps the skin to look and feel hydrated, healthy, and fresh, even in winter.

By definition, serums have higher concentration levels than moisturising creams, delivering faster and greater hydration. However, if you notice your skin looking thirsty during winter, creams are great for adding extra moisture to dry skin and can be used before Serum/Primer.

Add this to your nighttime routine to pre-prep the skin for makeup application the following morning.


The lack of moisture in the winter air can also make skin appear dull and spoil that radiant, youthful glow.

To brighten up the skin and balance a paler winter complexion, mix a small amount of Radiance ~ Moon with Concealer/Foundation (1:2, R:C/F). This will attract and diffuse light to add an overall luminosity to your everyday look.

In this tutorial, Emma talks through how to illuminate your Concealer/Foundation and tips for winter makeup application.


The winter weather can trigger rosier cheeks as the body attempts to warm the skin up in cold conditions.

If your cheeks naturally flush when exposed to the cold climate, flawlessly match your Cheek/Lip Tint to your natural flushed colouring for a cohesive makeup look.

Aleph Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Pixie was inspired by the beautiful rose pink of a baby's rosebud lip. As was Rêve, inspired by the ethereal bluish pink hue of a child's flushed cheeks.

To emulate the rosy lips and cheeks associated with youth and vitality, use the same shade for both cheeks and lips for a monochromatic look.

Or create your own winter shade. Aleph's infinitely customisable makeup range empowers the creativity of the user. 

Designed to be mixed and matched, Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Grounded can be used to neutralise any of the other shades to create a subtle lip colour. 

For the perfect wintery look, add depth to your favourite tint by mixing in a small amount of Terra.

Cheek/Lip Tint

To cope with fluctuations in temperature, weather and skin tone use these tips to transition your makeup routine without having to completely change it.

Aleph's multifunctional design allows you to own less and waste less, without losing the ability to create endless makeup looks.

Each Aleph product is infused with thoughtfully chosen, natural extracts and cellular energising ingredients that boost the skin's natural defence mechanisms to combat the effects of seasonal change. Every ingredient is consciously chosen to compliment the skin and deliver a consistent, luxurious experience.

For flawless makeup year-round…


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