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Our Tried & Tested Methods For Longer-Lasting Makeup

August 13, 2019

Makeup that stays put (through heat-waves, nights out dancing or just the 9-5) is hard to master. Frankly, it can feel like an uphill battle that doesn’t always seem worth fighting.

Of all the things we stress about on a daily basis, our makeup shouldn’t be one of them. Seriously, who has the time to reapply their foundation throughout the day? Or triple-check their mascara hasn’t melted into their concealer?

We’ve shared tips for flawless makeup before but surviving the day sans a makeup meltdown (quite literally) requires a little extra effort. Luckily, makeup artist / Aleph founder Emma has just the tricks you need for all-day radiance.

Ready to level up your beauty skills? Keep scrolling to learn the secret techniques for longer-lasting makeup. No midday touch-ups necessary!

1. Get your skincare routine right

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Before you even look at your foundation, we’ve got to talk skincare. Makeup is an art and any real artist knows to properly prep their canvas before beginning a new piece! Alongside eating healthy and drinking plenty of water, keep your skin in makeup-ready condition with a regular cleansing routine.

2. Minimise your moisturiser

Ever noticed that your foundation starts to resemble an oily slip ‘n’ slide come mid-morning? Your pre-makeup moisturiser or sunscreen might be the cause. Heavier formulas are richer and take longer to absorb into the skin, so opt for something lighter under your makeup. Save your heavy-duty moisturisers for bedtime!

3. Application is everything

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For serious longevity, less is more. And despite what some believe, makeup isn’t made to mask your skin. Rather than empty half the container on our face and just “make it work”, we gradually blend ours in small doses. By only using what we need and not smothering our skin, our makeup can maintain that freshly-made-up glow.

4. Tap your concealer, not smear

Dark circles making a surprise guest appearance? Instead of smearing a giant blob of concealer under your eyes, try gently dabbing the product onto your skin. This will give your concealer extra lasting power, which comes in handy after one too many sleepless nights.

5. Opt for a translucent powder

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Finishing with a translucent powder is optional. If you’re an oily skin type and need a little extra help, you might want to consider it. Applying a light layer of powder over your foundation helps keep a shiny forehead at bay. Plus, it protects your product from shifting. Think of it like your makeup’s insurance policy. 

At Aleph HQ, we’re looking to create a beautiful translucent powder very soon, just for those occasions. We can’t wait to tell you more!

6. Hands off!

We’re all guilty of touching our faces without realising. Besides spreading germs and allergens, we’re also ruining our flawless foundation. You can spend the earth on product, but there’s not much point if you can’t stop picking at your spots or rubbing your eyes! And get this. The solution is so simple: just keep your hands to yourself. Find another habit you can replace it with, like interlocking your fingers or massaging your hands.

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