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Makeup Hygiene Best Practices

May 19, 2020 3 Comments

Let's talk about makeup hygiene. It's always important when you're applying your makeup, but especially now while it's a hot topic, I wanted to give you some tips to keep yourself safe and to up your hygiene practices.

And point number one has to be...

Don’t touch your face

  • This will avoid contamination 

Once you become aware of how many times you touch your face throughout the day, it's easy to then train yourself against touching your face.

So that's particularly important right now because we don't want to transfer any viruses or bacteria to the face.

It's also important because not touching your face allows your makeup to settle into your face nicely and helps with the longevity of where our consider concealer foundation contains some beautiful nourishing ingredients that when they sit on the skin, feed your skin, and if you're constantly touching your face, your removing that makeup, therefore you're not getting the benefits of all of the nourishment.

Wash your tools

  • Every 2 - 3 uses, or currently after every use
  • Use Mixing Tool to avoid fingers in products
  • Keep hands clean

Wash your hands, use your Mixing Tool to decant a little bit of Cheek/Lip Tint or Concealer/Foundation onto the back of the hand and then apply from there. And wash your brush after every use.

Don’t dip brush into your pot

  • More hygienic, avoids possible contamination from your face transferring to your brush and back into the pot.
  • This will also make your makeup go further. Dipping your brush directly into the pot will cause the brush to soak up more product than necessary and end up washing much of your beloved foundation down the drain.


3 Responses


July 10, 2020

Hi Emma
What would you recommend we clean the brush with – do you have a video showing the cleaning drying technique :)


Claire Hancock
Claire Hancock

May 25, 2020


Just wondering when you would be getting the mixing tool back in stock?


Tina Lindop
Tina Lindop

May 25, 2020

This was great Thankyou,I have been using the foundation for around 2 weeks and am loving it.

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