Makeup Made Easy

Makeup Made Easy

July 14, 2020

Aleph Beauty was designed as a minimal, multi-functional range, to take the complication out of everyday makeup.

After twenty years working in the industry as a professional makeup artist, our founder Emma Peters came to the conclusion that makeup needn’t be complicated.

Emma found she would always use the same go-to-products in her makeup kit, leaving others untouched. Mixing her favourites together to create customisable makeup looks, she noticed that certain colours sat in a sweet spot which suited most skin tones.

In formulating Aleph Beauty, Emma thoughtfully chose pigments which would enhance the versatility of the product for the wearer.

The Concealer/Foundation palette is designed to suit all skin tones, with self-adjusting properties that colour correct and adapt to the skin’s undertone. Further customisable in combining Cheek/Lip Tint and Radiance.

The ability to create and customise, complements every complexion, eye colour and natural beauty.


"Excess offerings don’t make makeup fun, they make it a chore. Most makeup wearers want ease. I believe that people don't have to complicate their makeup routine to look beautiful."

Makeup kits overloaded with confusing, unnecessary products can make everyday makeup application seem overwhelming and time-consuming.

To make makeup easy, Emma has filmed a collection of tutorials and demos using Aleph makeup pots and tools.

The versatility of each Aleph Beauty product allows the wearer to create endless possibilities, bringing the fun and creativity back into our everyday makeup routines.

Everyone has the ability to create a stunning look, makeup artist or novice.

Emma details each stage of the makeup transformation, allowing you to follow along step-by-step. She also provides insight into some of her long-learnt makeup tips and tricks, especially in the Over 40s Makeup Routine.

Founder Emma Peters

From Fast & Easy Concealer/Foundation Application to Highlighting & Contouring for a Beautiful Natural’s all on our Video Tutorials & Demos page.

The curated collection of videos will deepen your understanding of how to use Aleph Beauty, how to make the most of your makeup pots and unlock your everyday makeup potential.

On our enlightened beauty journey, we want to share everything we learn with you. We believe that makeup is about empowerment, and that true empowerment comes from knowledge.

Our customer support team are always happy to answer any questions and help you on your Aleph Beauty journey. For advice from our team of makeup artists and skin specialists, please get in touch.

Learn how to master your everyday makeup…


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