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Why One Vegan Brush Will Change Your World

May 31, 2019

Ready to have your mind blown? It turns out, you don’t actually need a hundred makeup brushes to create a flawless look.

We know. This goes against everything you’ve ever learnt from a makeup tutorial, right? If those beauty blogger binge sessions have taught us anything, it’s that a different brush is required - no, demanded - for every part of your face. 

In reality, that’s not true. The beauty industry largely operates on a “more is better” credo, which plays into the idea of wasteful consumerism and purchasing things just for the sake of having them.

Have you ever noticed the rate at which some brands release a new product? Seriously, it’s almost like there’s something new out each week. Except, these “brand new” releases are essentially tweaked versions of an already existing product.

Why simplify your brush collection?

Here at Aleph, we’re big believers in minimal beauty. We think that the best beauty results arise from a simple makeup routine. You might have noticed that we like our makeup multifunctional and well, the same goes for our beauty tools too.

When we began creating our Vegan Diffuser Brush, versatility was a big factor. When you have five minutes to pull off the perfect “I woke up this radiant” complexion, nobody has the time (or energy, depending on the hour) for a cluttered makeup drawer.

Instead of falling victim to repeat purchasing, focus on finding a few top-notch tools that will really stand the test of time. While the price tag of a low-quality brush might entice you, they tend to fall apart quickly or shed their hair like there’s no tomorrow. (Is there anything worse than a rogue bristle in your foundation?). Ultimately, these brushes find themselves in the trash, and since many aren’t recyclable, this ends up hurting our environment.

Why choose a vegan brush over an animal hair alternative?

vegan makeup brush benefits aleph makeup brush

When it comes to your makeup, everyone knows a great brush is like a secret weapon. And a rubbish brush is a makeup artist’s worst nightmare. Basically, it’s the difference between an even, flawless finish or a streaky looking complexion.

For a long time, ‘natural’ brushes (meaning made from animal hair) reigned supreme. And as much as companies insist their brush-donor-animals are not harmed in the process, this practice is highly questionable. Now with this rise in cruelty-free beauty and the scientific advancement of creating animal-like synthetic fibres, vegan brushes have rightfully taken the top title.

And their popularity is really no surprise. Take our Vegan Diffuser Brush for example. Thanks to our brilliant suppliers in Italy, our bristles are made from an innovative and sustainably made yarn. Not only does this fibre eliminate any chance of animal cruelty, but it also performs just as well - if not better - than its ‘natural’ counterpart.

How do vegan brushes benefit the wearer?

Just like natural hair, our bristle fibre is composed of single conical filaments. This results in incredibly soft bristles that feel sensational on the skin while providing that much-desired velvety skin finish. But don’t let that softness fool you. The smart technology behind this intelligent fibre produces exceptional density, which helps you get the most from your makeup (literally).

For example, this brush provides the perfect way to apply your Aleph Beauty Concealer/Foundation. You only need the smallest amount of product on your brush to achieve the most beautiful, diffused natural finish. Minimal makeup used, for maximum impact. Being so densely packed, these bristles also deliver precision unparalleled to an animal hair alternative.

Oh, another reason why we’re swooning over vegan brushes? They’re far less likely to harbour bacteria compared to a ‘natural’ brush. Bacteria-ridden brushes are a recipe for unwanted skin issues and a streaky, flawed makeup application. Of course, you will still need to regularly clean your vegan brush to ensure it remains bacteria free but knowing it’s hypoallergenic certainly does put our mind at ease.

If you’ve made it this far and you’re still tossing up whether one vegan brush is worth trading for your entire collection for, consider the positive impact your one beauty act will have on our planet. For us, our decision to use synthetic hair was ultimately made because they do no harm to animals and they’re designed to last - meaning this brush will remain in your makeup kit for the long term and out of landfill.

So, whether you’re a conscious beauty beginner or an ethical aficionado, a vegan brush is an undeniable must-have. Without a great tool like this, you can bet your finished look will suffer. Yet, a soft and sustainably made brush will provide a flawless finish, killer precision, healthier skin and a happier conscience for all.

As always, we remain steadfast in our mission to refine our range as new and more sustainable practices emerge, to provide you with the best people, planet and animal friendly makeup.


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