What Aleph is (and what Aleph is not)

What Aleph is (and what Aleph is not)

October 27, 2020

We are on a mission to redefine beauty.

Disappointed with the forced trade-off of high-performing, synthetic makeup products versus natural formulations that couldn't meet the standard – Aleph Beauty was created to challenge the clean beauty standard.

Aleph is high-performing, professional makeup with an innovative and sustainable design – curated to be the best of clean beauty. Our products have been expertly crafted to meet the standard of what professional makeup should be and what it shouldn't be. 

Read on for some key differences of what Aleph is, what Aleph is not... and why.



Aleph is formulated with ingredients chosen for the protecting, nourishing and regenerating properties so that when you're wearing Aleph, you know that the health of your skin and body are being cared for.

The greatest care is taken in the selection of each ingredient to be as ethical and sustainable as possible, non-GMO, cruelty-free and vegan. Which means the no-go ingredient list is long (nanoparticles, plasticisers and parabens, just to name a few), giving way to intelligent ingredients found in nature and formulated by science.

Aleph is not... just another green beauty brand

With near three decades as a professional makeup artist, our founder Emma Peters stopped making the sacrifice of quality for clean.

Although natural products ticked the eco boxes, they often failed to live up to the standard of high performance, making the switch to clean beauty redundant. Emma wanted to take what she valued most in eco-focused brands and challenge the status quo of natural cosmetics. This went on to be one of the things that set Aleph apart.

Aleph is... formulated with sun protecting ingredients

We get a number of questions asking if there is SPF in Concealer/Foundation. And yes, our formulas do contain some ingredients with sun protecting properties, offering protection on the physical side and supporting the skin's defence against UV radiation.

But our formulation is not rated or certified, and we don't make any claims at this stage. Wearing Concealer/Foundation does not replace the need for daily application of sunscreen, especially given the climate here in New Zealand.

Aleph is not... a sunscreen

We encourage the application of sunscreen year-round to protect our delicate skin from the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. As there are many different properties to SPF, and these all work differently with the wearer's skin, we recommend something non-greasy, light-weight and natural.

By function, physical sunscreen acts as a film barrier on the skin, and given the nourishing properties of Concealer/Foundation, we want all of those nutrients to sink into the skin. So for optimum results, we recommend applying SPF after your usual skincare routine, and possibly in place of your regular moisturiser for combination to oily skin and giving it time to settle on the skin before the application of makeup.

Long-lasting coverage

Aleph is... long-wearing makeup

Aleph Concealer/Foundation is formulated for long-lasting coverage the way you choose it, be that a light veil, medium foundation or full coverage concealer. Which can be topped up with a translucent powder for extended longevity (watch this space).

The best way to ensure your makeup lasts all day is to not touch your face. After applying makeup, we want to let it settle into the skin so that it can sit in place for the day. While this may seem obvious, we often don't realise how many times we touch our face throughout the day and as a result, move our makeup around. Remind yourself to not touch your face, and soon the habit will be gone.

Aleph is not... 24-hour coverage

The likes of 24-hour long-wear makeup have created the expectation that makeup last all day and all night. When in fact, we should be questioning what's in our makeup that makes it stick like glue? The answer isn't pretty.

In reality, makeup shouldn't last this long and if it does, the formulation is likely filled with plasticisers, solvents and fumes contributing to ill effects for the skin and body.

We prefer using powerful, active ingredients that help to achieve a flawless, glowing complexion.

Similarly, it's completely natural and expected that as you talk, eat and smile throughout the day your lip tint will wear. Aleph Cheek/Lip Tints are super nourishing for the lips, so this is the perfect opportunity to top up your lip colour over the day.

Aleph is... changing the face of beauty

We invite you to discover a different kind of beauty. One that lets you know more and wear better so that you can continue making conscious choices.

At Aleph, we are always looking to expand the potential of natural beauty and share our knowledge with you as we go. We love that people are becoming more conscious and questioning what products they use.

We can't wait to show you what's to come!


We’re here to help! If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.

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