Embracing Slow Beauty: How to Enjoy New Trends Without Harming the Planet

Embracing Slow Beauty: How to Enjoy New Trends Without Harming the Planet

January 18, 2023

The mainstream beauty and fashion industry is designed to churn through new looks as fast as people are willing to buy into them.

It can be easy to jump on board with every new trend without even realising it – until suddenly, you’re considering a 30-step skincare routine that you’ll ditch after a couple of months.

There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with a new style. But when you think about your makeup collection as a whole, it doesn’t hurt to ask:

How long will that electric blue eyeliner we all bought this season really last?

When we talk about sustainability as a consumer, we’re not just talking about choosing natural products or avoiding microplastics. Sustainability is also a lifestyle concept – it’s consciously living and consuming on a longer timeline, one that’s built to last.

Slow beauty is the movement towards simpler, more consistent regimens and investing in products that stay relevant throughout the constantly changing trend cycles.

It’s about embracing the classics, streamlining your routine, and building a personal style that speaks to you and stays fresh for ages.

But trends are fun...

To be clear, slow beauty isn’t about limiting yourself or refusing to try new things.

It’s more about how you experiment with new looks. Instead of buying (and, let’s be honest, wasting) new products when a trend rolls around, slow beauty encourages investing in quality products that adapt to a range of looks and styles.

This concept is exactly how we approach the design and formulation of the Aleph collection. Each product in our range serves multiple purposes, and can be mixed to infinitely expand its potential. Aleph Radiance Balm, for example, doesn’t just function as a highlighter or an eye pigment. You can also mix it with Concealer/Foundation to create a dewy look for the skin, or add it to Cheek/Lip Tint for a pearlescent lipstick or mix it with Serum/Primer to create a luxuriously glowy body oil.

We call this process makeup alchemy – using one product to support a wide range of looks. It’s our way of making slow beauty possible for people who love quality makeup and like to experiment with new ideas.

Kinder to the earth (and your wallet)

Jumping on the bandwagon of new trends can come at a cost. Fast fashion and mainstream cosmetics simply aren’t made to last – and thanks to rapidly changing beauty standards and style currents, they don’t really have to.

The result, unfortunately, is a whole lot of waste. Unused makeup products may sit at the back of your drawer for years until there’s no choice but to send them straight to the landfill.

Slow beauty inspires people to choose products that are better for their skin, better for the environment, and better for their wallets. It’s about finding high quality classics designed to work well, last longer, and stay fashionable. The result is less makeup turnover in your drawers and far less unnecessary waste.

Embracing your own style

Instead of trying to adapt your look to fit whatever the mainstream beauty industry pushes, we believe in makeup that helps you discover the styles that truly reflect and enhance you.

Doing your best is about making the choices that are right for your lifestyle. If you really want that electric blue eyeliner, then maybe consider finding a sustainable product free from microplastics and harsh synthetics. Or, pick and choose your temporary trends rather than buying into each and every one.

Slow beauty is all about creating a balance between luxury and simplicity for an overall sustainable and holistic approach to your routine.

Explore the Aleph collection to find products that speak to you – and enjoy them until you’ve used every last drop.

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