10 Ways to Start Living Plastic-Free

10 Ways to Start Living Plastic-Free

July 01, 2021

Plastic has been part of our lives for the longest time. But does it have to stay? In the recent years there's a shift to alternatives in order to create a better, cleaner planet.

By making conscious choices and go plastic-free everyday, our collective effort can be huge. To inspire you, we've curated a few tips to get you started or add to your current practices.

1. Bulk buy from refilleries

Buy from refilleries to avoid single-use plastic from pre-packaged food. Plus, you get to buy precisely the amount you want.

2. Discover your local market

Aside from supporting local farmers and getting the freshest produce, your groceries also less likely be overpackaged in plastic.

3. Reuse, reuse, and reuse

When you do get single-use plastic, think of ways to reuse them more than once. Can you use it for your next takeout? To box your lunch? To store your cotton pads?

4. Bring your own containers

A no-brainer when ordering takeout or coffee. When shopping, keep a few reusable bags as some retail stores might charge extra for packaging.

5. Buy plastic alternatives

From beeswax wraps, bamboo toothbrushes, or block shampoo, try plastic alternatives when it comes to everyday goods.

6. Be savvy with soft plastics

Get to know your soft plastics and keep them aside. Drop them off at your local supermarket’s soft plastics bin for your city’s recycling facility.

7. Make it yourself

Making things yourself can save a lot of money and waste. Try making dips, cooking stock, cleaning detergents or frozen meals.

8. Buy recycled fashion

Fashion is changing. Try buy clothes made from recycled or regenerated fibres, like yoga pants made with recycled plastic bottles.

9. Dirty plastic isn't recyclable

For plastic to be properly recycled, it has to be as clean as virgin plastic. So clean that takeout box before you recycle it.

10. Less is more

Buying less means less clutter. Consuming less means less waste. Buying considered, curated, and sustainable items mean better for you and our planet.




The beauty industry isn't always known to be planet-conscious. We're trying to change that.

At Aleph, we prioritise glass over plastic in our packaging, a material we're able to reuse or recycle after it's first life as a vessel for your makeup. Meet Re Aleph, our circular program that gets your empties back into our circulation.



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