Swatching Concealer/Foundation the Right Way

Swatching Concealer/Foundation the Right Way

May 31, 2022

Presenting the best version of your skin!

Natural in ingredients and luxurious in texture, Aleph Concealer/Foundation is your skin's BFF to even out skin tone and texture in the moment and support skin health on going.

If you haven't yet tried this nourishing and versatile balm, chances are it's because you're unsure which shade to choose.

We can certainly help with that! Send a makeup free selfie to and one of our skin specialists and makeup artists will help you select the the perfect shade.

If the thought of ordering your foundation online is still unnerving you, we completely understand. To help with this we send you a sample of the shade purchased to try before opening the product along with another of your choice, so you can make the comparison and be sure you've chosen correctly.

If you prefer the other shade, just send it back and we'll send you the preferred choice.

Here's the 101 on foundation swatching to ensure you get optimal results!

There are a few common misconceptions around how to swatch your shade, so let's clear these out of the way first: 

  1. Don’t swatch the Concealer/Foundation on your arm. The shade of the skin on your arm may not reflect the shade of the skin on your face.
  2. Don’t guess your shade by holding the sample pot next to your face. This will be an artificial representation of what the shade would look like on your skin.
  3. Don’t always assume that one shade is going to get you through each season. You may need to add another shade to your collection for the warmer months.

In this simple how-to, we show you how to swatch and check which shade is right and what to do if you are unsure or end up with the incorrect shade.


Step one: Start clean 

It's best to start with a clean face. Make sure that you don't have any tinted moisturiser or facial creams that would affect the result of your Concealer/Foundation. Ensure you are in natural light.


Step two: Open one sample
Your order of Concealer/Foundation will have come with 2 samples. One in the shade you have ordered, and another of your choice. 


Step three: Apply one shade to start

Start with the colour that you think is going to be the perfect shade and apply this to half of your face. 


Step four: Open the other sample

It's best to apply both shades and compare.


Step five: Apply other shade

Apply the second sample to the other half of your face and compare.


Step six: Compare the shades

Stand in a few different light settings: sunlight (outdoors), natural light (indoors but next to a window), and indoor light (in the bathroom or bedroom) to see which shade works best for you. 


If after these steps you are still finding it hard to know what shade is right for you, contact the Aleph Customer Service team and they will help you to select the right shade. 

Get in touch below.



We’re here to help! If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.

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