Aleph x WWF x Studio Bon - Whale Tale 2022

Aleph x WWF x Studio Bon - Whale Tale 2022

January 02, 2022

80 Tails, 80 Artists, 1 mission

From now through to the end of April Auckland City hosts an immersive art trail which celebrates Aotearoa, art and marine conservation.

Whale Tales brings a pod of uniquely designed and painted whale Tail sculptures to Tāmaki Makaurau – forming a free, family-friendly public art trail for all to enjoy. Featuring 80 Big Broos (large Tail sculptures) and 80 Pēpi (mini Tail sculptures) that have been turned into bespoke pieces of art by well-known and emerging kiwi artists and schools, the Tails – inspired by the endangered Bryde’s whale – will tell the “tales” of our moana and how we all have a part to play for a healthy ocean.

The Bryde’s (pronounced Broo-dus) whales are among the “great whales”and are found year-round in the coastal waters around the Hauraki Gulf/Tikapa Moana/Te Moana Nui a Toi, where they feed on small fish and krill

Unfortunately, the Bryde’s whale is now critically endangered, with only an estimated 140 - 250 remaining. They feed and rest close to the surface, making them vulnerable to ship strikes, noise pollution, reductions in and degradation of habitat, climate change, unsustainable fishing practices, and other human activities in the ocean.

By highlighting this unique taonga, the sculptures will tell the tale of Auckland, its communities, their connection to the magically diverse Hauraki Gulf, and the critical role marine conservation plays in saving our marine environment and its inhabitants.

After the sculpture trail closes, each Whale Tail take centre stage at a charitable auction in May 2022 ready to be sold to lucky bidders. All proceeds from this auction go to WWF and New Zealand’s critical mission to protect and restore the mauri of our ocean and the creatures within it, including the Bryde’s whale.

Aleph Beauty is delighted to partner with New Zealand artist Studio Bon for this amazing initiative. Studio Bon has developed a stunning Whale Tail that represents Hauraki Gulf marine life and supports the Aleph vision.

Aleph Beauty’s Tail “FLOURISH” is #7 on the trail and located in the heart of Auckland City, Wynyard Quarter.

Our tail is designed and painted by talented New Zealand artist Bonnie of Studio Bon.

Flourish is abstractly inspired by the complex ecosystems of our oceans. The different shapes and layers are fairly conceptual interpretations of reefs, ocean life, and the depth of our waters. Each layer was slowly built up so that a sense of depth and interaction between each layer could be seen.

Bonnie drew inspiration from the Aleph colour pallete and matched her paints and tints to the range.

If you are looking for an adventure this weekend get on the trail and check out our beautiful tail Flourish.

We have a special opportunity for the first 500 people who visit our tail and scan using the Whale Tale App.

Before the trial launched we met with Bex, Marketing Manager at WWF, and Bonnie of Studio Bon, who chatted to us about the Whale Tales initiative, the vision for the Auckland trail, its inspiration, and of course their favourite Aleph product.

Bex explains that WWF-New Zealand has teamed up with Auckland Unlimited and Wild in Art to bring Whale Tales to Tāmaki Makaurau in January 2022. Wild in Art hosts sculpture trails around the globe and raises millions of dollars for charity. Whale Tales is the second trail to come to Auckland. WWF-New Zealand, Auckland Unlimited, and Wild in Art are thrilled to team up to tell 80 tales of a healthy ocean and raise money and generate action for our ocean's health, particularly the Hauraki Gulf.

Q: What criteria did you insist on brands having to be part of this amazing initiative?
Bex: “We want to partner with organisations with a connection to the planet, especially the ocean and the Hauraki Gulf. We want to align with brands that not only care and have a clean conscience, but also put this into practice. Aleph is a natural fit with your sustainability initiative and clean conscience approach. On a personal level, Aleph also really appealed to me with your natural approach to skin and beauty.”

Q: What is your favourite Aleph product and why?
Bex" “I am a big fan of the Concealer/Foundation and the Prep/Finish Powder, I love how the Concealer/Foundation feels and looks on my skin. I am always happy with the result, the flawless look it delivers is amazing.”

Q: What inspired you to be an artist?
“I grew up in a really creative household and so art was always a part of my life but it wasn’t until after I graduated from my architecture degree and working in a local firm that I started to really explore art and illustration again. I started sharing my work on instagram, really only for friends and family to see but as a result I got my first 'big' commission and it led me to think that I could really turn this into a career. That's over 4 years ago now!”

Q: What inspired you to be part of the Whale Tail Sculpture Trail and partner with WWF?
"Earlier this year I was invited by WWF to take part in their Whale Tales Sculpture trail. Like all the projects I work on I wanted to make sure it aligned with my values before saying yes, but this was a very easy yes! I’m so thrilled to be involved in the 2022 Whale Tales, most importantly to raise much needed money for WWF NZ to protect Aotearoa’s marine environment but also to be included alongside such an incredible group of artists. I’m also excited to see how the public interacts with the art trail and the tails themselves when they’re on display around Auckland."

Q: What was your inspiration and process behind developing the Aleph Whale Tail?
“My design is abstractly inspired by the complex ecosystem of our oceans. The different shapes and layers are fairly conceptual interpretations of reefs, ocean life, and the depth of our waters. The process itself was fairly straightforward, I slowly built each colour up in a few different layers so you get a sense of the depth and interaction between the different layers. I also liked how this really connected with Aleph and not using makeup to fully cover up yourself but to instead see your skin through them.”

Q: What made you choose the colours you did?
“I wanted to stray away from the usual blues and greens of art associated with the ocean, and create something really bold and fun. I actually drew inspiration from a lot of the Aleph range with my colour choices and colour matched the different tints to the paints I used.”

Q: What is your favourite Aleph Product and why?
“I love the Pixie Cheek/Lip Tint and find myself wearing it most days!”


We have a special opportunity for the first 500 people to visit “Flourish” and scan using the Whale Tale app.

We can’t wait to see you all out on the trail now that it is LIVE and we are looking forward to seeing all the amazing pictures over the coming weeks.

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In the meantime find your own inspiration by shopping the Aleph range.



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