Dr Hisham Explains the Benefits of Photobiomodulation (Light Therapy)

May 27, 2020

During level 4 lockdown, I had the pleasure of talking with Dr Hisham about Photobiomodulation and why this treatment is crucial not only to great skin but holistic health.

Dr Hisham is the founder of Laser Life Care Institute, which is a high tech dental Institute and a bio energetics laser and light therapy spa for human enhancement, anti ageing and mitochondrial disease prevention. Anybody who's heard me talk about my makeup brand and what gets me going when I'm searching for ingredients and functions of my products knows it’s mitochondrial function and getting the cells to activate and turnover and act as best they possibly can.

As we age it’s important to get our body and our skin to move with us. It doesn't have to start degenerating as much as we are told that it's supposed to degenerate at a certain rate. It actually doesn't need to if we treat it well. We're not trying to turn back the clock. We're trying to move proactively with the clock. And so I wanted to talk to Dr Hisham about laser light therapy and how it is beneficial not only to the skin, but to the entire body and how it helps us in holistic, proactive ageing.

Watch the interview to find out:

  • The different wavelengths of light and the effects they have on the skin and body
  • What is ageing and how to age pro-actively
  • The crucial balancing act that keeps your mitochondria functioning optimally and how to ensure this happens.

Here are a few ways to take advantage of PBM on a regular basis.

For a full body treatment, experience the Novothor Pod at Laser Life Care Institute in Central Auckland.

Visit your beauty therapist for a light therapy facial.

And there are many at home devices available such as joovv or infraredi. These are modular panels which can be kept at home for daily use.

PBM is quickly gaining momentum as an easy treatment that we can all adopt to enhance health and wellbeing on a regular basis.

For makeup that supports your mitochondria:


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