Sustainability Tips with Ethically Kate

April 30, 2020

Our founder Emma met with sustainability expert Ethically Kate over Zoom to discuss her top sustainability tips.

In this video Kate shares with us her methods of finding ethical, sustainable brands/ products, how to maintain or begin a sustainable lifestyle during the lockdown and good ways to stick to those habits.

Here are some highlights of what you'll learn:

  • The unique opportunity right now to rethink what we want our future to look like.
  • Changes to sustainability efforts during lockdown and the implications going forward.
  • The advantages a forced slow down can bring when we’re up and going again.
  • Stepping into the shoes of people who are immune compromised, and the lessons for everyone during this time.
  • What we can do as individuals, in our local areas that has a huge impact on global sustainability.
  • Rethinking global supply chains, and what essentials do we need to have locally? Fashion, fabrics, food and consumer goods.
  • Reusables at home.
  • Kate tells us how to form helpful new habits while in lockdown.
  • How to prioritise your actions, based on your values. Why doing one thing at a time is a good thing.
  • Kate’s criteria for ethical shopping and how forming your own checklist can help you be a lot happier with your product choices.
  • What to look out for when researching a brand. The warning sign that tells you might want to pass!
  • You hold more power than you think. Why good brands actually want your direct criticism.
  • What it means to Kate to make conscious, considered decisions in life.

We would highly recommend you follow Kate on her journey. She’s brimming with amazing tips and tricks in sustainability and ethical living. Find her at http://ethicallykate.com, and on Instagram @ethicallykate, and Facebook Ethically Kate.

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