December 01, 2020

The countdown to Christmas is officially on! Celebrate your loved ones with the gift of conscious beauty chosen just for them. We'd love to share some of our favourite picks for Christmas to help you consciously navigate the holiday season.

Not only is it super rewarding to give someone the perfect gift, but it's also a sustainable way to approach the gift-giving season and ensure your gift doesn't go to waste.

Not sure which Aleph product to gift your family and friends? Test how well you know the special people in your life by picking the product that best describes their personality.



This person always looks immaculate, thanks to their dedicated morning and nightly routine. They're up with the latest in all things skincare and can tell you about the ingredients in each of the products they use.

The skincare lover won't be disappointed with this product, doubling as both a serum and primer, they're sure to fit it into their routine and reap the benefits. Serum/Primer is packed with a high concentration of deeply nourishing ingredients like macadamia, milk thistle and jojoba esters, and an innovative plant "stem" cell complex that boosts skin metabolism and collagen production.

Take it from Julie – "This product is simply gorgeous. It's transformed my skin. It's so soft and smooth now. This product is a must-have."



We could name tens of different types of people that need Concealer/Foundation in their life… but for Christmas, this product is for the person who claims to not have time for makeup.

If you're an Aleph user, you know how quick and easy it is to apply Concealer/Foundation and be out the door. Whether it be full or light coverage, this unique formulation leaves a skin-like feel for a finish that looks just like your skin, but better.

Concealer/Foundation is the perfect low-maintenance, real-life skin filter. It's a starter for anyone who doesn't wear makeup every day, but as soon as they try this product, believe us they will become a convert.

Here's what Susie says – "I'm a first-time Aleph customer and am totally converted. I'm reasonably comfortable with my skin, but this product makes it noticeably better."


Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Sangha

Bold, confident, fun. Our newest Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Sangha is the ultimate colour pop for an instant confidence boost, a statement look and a new combination to add to the collection.

Sangha is for the life of the party, the person that's always beaming, smiling and laughing when surrounded by others. A bold lip perfectly captures their bold personality. A signature red to go with their signature style. But there's also a playful side…

Just like them, Sangha likes to mix and match. This Cheek/Lip Tint adds vigour when mixed with other tints in the collection, creating a unique and authentic look that can be curated just how they like it.

Cheek/Lip Tint ~ Sangha will complement this person's upbeat outlook on life and give them another reason to smile. Or as Lynette says "...make my jewel coloured heart sing. The internet does not do this colour justice."



Who's the superstar in your life? It could be someone who did something really amazing for you this year or someone who made your day that much brighter. The superstar is someone who goes out of their way for others and makes everyone feel special.

Send them a message by gifting our multi-tasking superstar, and one of our newest additions, Radiance ~ Star. This pick-me-up orchid pink glow adds a little something special. A soft and subtle tint that makes eyes, cheeks and lips pop.

The perfect gift to say thanks for being awesome, you're special and that you radiate light and beauty.


Gift Card

The last on the list – this person is the hardest to buy for. They like things the way they like them, and although you may know exactly who they are, they know exactly what they want.

An Aleph Gift Card is a sure-fire way that your gift won't go unnoticed, the gift of choice. The gift of conscious beauty chosen just for them, by them. Whether that be introducing them to Aleph Beauty or gifting their next addition to their collection.

The Aleph team wishes everyone a conscious, sustainable Christmas filled with beauty. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for more holiday gifting ideas.


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