Is it Makeup or Just Great Skin?

Create the perfect base for your makeup and enhance your skin. Today I break down the mystery of a multi-step skincare routine, and correct order to apply The One Moisture Cream and our unique Serum/Primer!

Create the Ultimate Makeup Base!

Step 1: The One Reset and Resort Moisture Cream


The One is the starting point of your routine. A generous pea-size amount is all you need. It prepares the skin for the makeup that follows.

Aleph's award-winning Moisture Cream is packed full of all the bioactives the skin needs. It sets the skin on the path to looking plump, smooth and radiant, whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It nourishes the skin over time so that the skin gets better and better as you wear it.

Step 2: Serum/ Primer

Serum/ Primer provides the skin with the nourishment it craves. Apply 1-3 drops all over the face. Apply it after The One to lock it in moisture and prime the face.

Our cult favourite Serum/ Primer is a multi-tasking hero that boosts the skin's metabolism while nourishing, protecting and priming the skin all at once. The result is a smooth, hydrated canvas that ensures the makeup glides on effortlessly and stays in place throughout the day.

Step 3: Concealer/ Foundation

Skincare-infused makeup is the secret to radiant and healthy skin. Apply ⅓ of a pea-sized amount of Concealer/ Foundation to the back of the hand. Use the fingertips or Aleph Diffuser Brush to buff the product into the face.

Pro Tip: Mix Concealer/ Foundation with Serum/ Primer to create a liquid foundation. 

Our award-winning Concealer/ Foundation is skincare-infused. It offers maximum versatility and self-adjusting coverage in the moment while supporting healthier skin over time.

Step 4: Prep/Finish Powder

Prep/Finish Powder is a multi-functional and refillable translucent powder. Infused with skincare benefits to prime and protect the skin, while also helping set and mattify makeup for extra longevity. Prep Oily or Rosacea-prone skin. Prime the eyelids and lips to prep for makeup.

Prep/Finish Powder can either be used as a smooth and oil-absorbing base for makeup without dehydrating the skin or to set your makeup powdering all over the face. It blurs skin irregularities in the moment and works to promote balanced, smoother skin over time.

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