How Our Team Wears Concealer/Foundation

June 14, 2022

Aleph Beauty is about doing more with less. Concealer/Foundation delivers; multi-functional and super-versatile.

This week, the Aleph team showcases their favourite ways to wear Concealer/Foundation.

A Bronzed, Luminous Glow
For a prolonged summer glow, mix one-part Radiance Sun with three-parts Concealer/Foundation. This adds a warm bronzed glow to your Concealer/Foundation.

    Tip: To amplify the bronze, blend extra Radiance Sun onto the cheekbones and the eye lids.


    Glowing Tinted Moisturiser


    For a light veil mix one/two drops of Serum/Primer into Concealer/Foundation  on the back of the hand to create a dewy finish.

      Tip: For an instant end of day touch up, mix a drop of Serum/Primer with a small amount of Concealer/Foundation and layer onto your existing makeup. This gives instant freshness and the appearance of more coverage.


      Prep/Finish Powder


      Prep the skin with Prep/Finish Powder, then apply Concealer/Foundation with Diffuser Brush to buff into the skin. Apply the rest of your makeup; Concealer/Foundation, brows, blush, and lip colour. Dust Prep/Finish Powder onto nose, corner of the eyes and chin to finish.

        Tip: Use Prep/Finish Powder on the eyelids before and after applying any eye makeup to help give longevity to your look.


        Bring definition to the face with 2 shades


        To create dimension to the face, use your regular Concealer/Foundation shade around the perimeter of the face using Diffuser Brush. Apply a lighter shade under the eyes, from the centre of the forehead, down the nose and across the cheeks. Buff and blend together.

          Tip: For further dimension, add Radiance Moon to the tops of the cheek bones. 

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