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February 18, 2020 2 Comments

Have you noticed how junk foods always come in jumbo sizes while fine gastronomy is all about smaller amounts of high quality food?

While fried chicken is usually eaten from a large bucket and processed sugary snacks from maxi bags, fine caviar is always presented in a small bowl and eaten with a tiny spoon.

Artificial ingredients (the junk part of the food) added to increase portion sizes actually translates to the health value being decreased as portion size increases.

On the other hand, you will always be served fine delicacies and healthy foods in small quantities. Because the higher the quality, the purer and stronger the potency - and taste.

This is the same with cosmetics. Less ought to be more.

aleph beauty makeup

Let’s look at the difference between nourishing cosmetics (and we’re talking about anything that goes onto the skin not just makeup) and “junk”cosmetics.

Nourishing cosmetics are those that will feed your skin, and possibly have positively accumulative effects over time.

Junk products are those that have zero “nutritional” value for the skin and potentially have a negative effect on the skin and overall health over time.

Because junk products aren’t feeding your skin, it’s likely that you can easily (and sometimes by necessity) add layer upon layer of products and still feel like the skin is missing something.

Think about sitting down to a takeaway meal that might look, smell and taste great at the time of eating, allowing you to eat far more than you’d normally choose to eat in one meal. Moments later you’re left feeling overstuffed and sluggish. This is due to the lack of nutrient density in the meal, and your stomach isn’t getting the signals of satiety as fast as it would when eating a meal densely packed full of nutrients.

The skin, like the whole body, needs nourishment to survive and thrive. And this is where our philosophy of Less is More comes into play.

The skin needs different nourishment from day to day and season to season as well as with the changes that happen throughout one's lifetime. The secret is to know how to adjust your cosmetic routine to suit your ever changing skin.

We’ve carefully designed our products using high-quality, naturally-occurring ingredients, which are intrinsically potent.

Think less in volume but more in strength and quality.

This means that you need to apply less product to achieve an even and flawless coverage that looks natural.

When using Aleph Concealer/Foundation, you’ll find that a little goes a very long way. In fact a ⅓-½ pea-sized amount of Concealer / Foundation suffices to cover the entire face, which means our nimble pot will last you much longer than you’d expect. Depending on your needs, you can build up the coverage or tone it down but the extra product needed is usually very marginal.

As a guide, customers often tell us that a pot lasts well over the two months of daily applications we estimate.

You can also change the texture as you fancy as our formulations are multi-functional and designed to work synergistically. Try mixing your Concealer / Foundation with Serum / Primer if you are after a sheer veil and with Radiance – Sun or Moon if you want to boost your glow.

Adopting a Less is More philosophy means your skin will thrive and you’ll need less and less to create a radiantly flawless you.

If you need a little extra help to apply Concealer/Foundation, watch our Founder and make-up artist Emma Peters demonstrate how to use the product in the tutorial section of our website and feel free to share all your concealer and foundation questions - and own tips - with us.

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Kim Laing
Kim Laing

February 25, 2020

After switching my make up range to Aleph I have to say it’s the best thing I’ve done! I love how versatile the whole range is and for the first time I’ve found a foundation that actually feels natural on my skin, enhances rather than covers up. My skin feels like it can breath and it shows. The primer is just the best thing ever, a must have product which I use along with the foundation and radiance moon, perfection. Having a product that not only looks good but is good for your skin is a game changer. Emma you have changed the way I view and wear my makeup for ever, thank you!


February 25, 2020

My concealer has lasted around the 2 month mark which is spot on. How long should the serum last? I can never quite tell if I’m using enough or too much. I bought it at Christmas time, use it daily and have about 1/3rd left.

Thanks for this gorgeous range- it is so simple to use – I’ve got it down to an 8 minute routine in the morning! My biggest problem is applying mascara- I’m terrible at it. Emma recommended Eye of Horus Bio lash, yet I cannot find it ( live in Wellington). I have decided a good mascara makes all the difference on reducing those god awful clumpy lashes, and I want something that means a couple of strokes, then done. The Maybelline brush I am using often touches my skin ( it seems quite big) or on a second stroke leaves ‘ the clump’ look. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks so much. Regards- Erica

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