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The Secret Beauty Benefits of this Seaweed Extract

September 10, 2019

You already know that nature is a major source of beauty benefits. But did you know there’s something living deep underwater than can boost your beauty big time? Clue: It’s long, slimy and found on sushi!

Seaweed is brimming with powerful nutrients and nourishing vitamins like Vitamin A, B12, C and E. This underwater cocktail of goodness keeps you healthy, fights free radicals, increases your cell turnover rate and keeps your skin firm and radiant.

But there’s one type of seaweed that deserves some special recognition - Alaria Esculenta. Found in Greenland’s glacial waters, this intelligent kelp extract has been extensively studied for its incredible reverse-ageing effects. It’s no wonder skincare experts & beauty gurus alike have fallen head over heels for this plant (us included). Here’s what you need to know about this multifunctional sea vegetable.

What is Alaria Esculenta Extract?

seaweed beauty benefits Alaria Esculenta

Alaria Esculenta is an eco-certified oil extracted from a species of brown algae. It’s dense with amino acids, powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals - aka all of the things our skin loves. While something that originates from brown algae might not sound particularly glam, it’s truly unrivalled when it comes to promoting gorgeous skin. It’s like a secret weapon against time.

Also known as badderlocks or winged kelp, this seaweed can be identified by its long, golden-like fronds. Interestingly, it’s part of the wakame family and is known for its seemingly-magical ability to withstand extreme conditions and radical temperatures. These elements make for one powerhouse ingredient - ideal for any skincare devotee.

Why should I add it to my routine?

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Intrigued by this seaweed strain, we dug a little deeper to learn the extent of its health benefits. And lo and behold, the results only reinforced our love for Alaria Esculenta!

1. Aids collagen production

This intelligent kelp has been shown to promote elasticity and suppleness by reducing collagenase and elastase (i.e the enzymes that breakdown collagen and elastin). As we grow older, our body gradually stops naturally producing collagen so we have to look elsewhere to get our fix. With Alaria Esculenta, it helps increase firmness while detoxifying and energising the skin. This makes Alaria Esculenta a key substance for radiant, youthful-looking skin.

2. Promotes truly healthy skin

From disease prevention to dramatically healthier skin, the benefits of antioxidants have been well-documented. Alaria Esculenta is rich in antioxidants, which makes it a powerful weapon against free radicals (aka the unstable molecules created by environmental factors like cigarettes and radiation). Free radicals are responsible for a plethora of unfortunate flow-on effects, including early signs of ageing skin. Upping your intake of Alaria Esculenta is a great way to reap the skin-boosting properties of antioxidants!

3. Encourages hyaluronic acid synthesis

Alaria Esculenta has been scientifically proven in vivo and vitro testing to stimulate hyaluronic acid synthesis. If hyaluronic sounds familiar, that’s probably because it’s recently gained a cult-following for its unique hydrating properties. It’s the perfect moisturiser because it can hold 1000x its weight in water. It creates a barrier for the skin, which locks in moisture and translates to deeply hydrated skin. 

What’s more, hyaluronic acid also protects the skin against harsh UVB rays (and the nasty reactive molecules they generate), which can cause sunspots.

Where can I find it?

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Suffice to say, Alaria Esculenta is the wonder ingredient that keeps on giving. Between its collagen-enhancing, moisturising and superior hydrating abilities, this kelp is one to take note of.

In fact, we adore it so much that we decided to include Alaria Esculenta in our Concealer/Foundation. We’re firm believers in providing the body with the fuel it needs to remain healthy and vibrant for longer. To make this happen, we search for the best natural ingredients around - and this smart seaweed certainly fits the bill.

To learn more about Alaria Esculenta, and our other delicious ingredients, tap here!

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