Deep Dive into Serum/Primer

Deep Dive into Serum/Primer

January 26, 2021

Serum/Primer, our makeup and skincare essential fast became one of our most loved products. And we've received such positive feedback from customers sharing stories of transformed skin, flawless makeup and a streamlined routine.


Generally speaking, serums are free from unnecessary ingredients like fillers, which reduce a formula's efficiency.

Serums are made of a high concentration of powerful active ingredients that penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Which means they deliver faster, more effective results than regular creams and lotions.

But with growing popularity, the market is saturated with products touting great promises. The challenge is finding a formula that is sustainable, stable and efficacious, all at the same time.


Our founder, Emma Peters, spent 18 months on the quest to perfect the formulation for Serum/Primer. And the discovery of unique, multi-tasking ingredients led to a formula that meets the mark on all fronts.

While customers have commented that they could bathe in this silky skin goodness, instead let’s deep dive into some of the most potent and innovative ingredients found in Serum/Primer.


A long-time favourite of Japanese and Chinese medicinal traditions – natural anti-inflammatory Tsubaki Oil promotes healthy, natural collagen synthesis. And improving the skin's elasticity results in plumper, smoother skin texture.

Tsubaki Oil

Another proactive ageing perk of Tsubaki Oil is the reduction of transepidermal water loss (TEWL), a critical indicator of dehydration which signals skin and overall health. As we age, epidermal water loss increases, contributing to dry skin texture, accelerated fine lines, and visible signs of ageing.

Moisture retention protects the skin from TEWL and ultimately helps skin to look fresh and healthy.


Serum/Primer contains an innovative plant "stem" cell complex – a formula of active extracts derived from the "Bluebird" hibiscus plant.

Hibiscus Syracius Extract

This powerful plant cell complex boosts and maintains the skin's natural cellular metabolism to optimum capacity. The cell complex also bolsters cellular respiration activity, reducing the damage caused by the oxidation of cells. Followed by the stimulation of your proteasome – the regulating complex that gets rid of said oxidised, damaged cells.

The visible impact of this reduction in natural free radicals is a decrease in the formation of fine lines but also an improvement in skin appearance as existing lines are softened, in both depth and size.**


As the concentration levels are higher in serum than a moisturising cream, by default, the formula is less heavy. It means that the potent active dose of jojoba and macadamia oil extracts deliver faster and greater hydration when using Serum/Primer.

oil-free Jojoba extract

Yet, none of the breakouts and clogged pores sometimes associated with heavier skincare. Think richer, the lighter way. Welcome news for all skin types who want to boost radiance and fight the visible signs of ageing, including those with oily skin.

Another benefit of the oil-free jojoba extract found in Serum/Primer is its high stability. A stable formula is coupled with formula efficacy, which means the more stable, the more efficient. Jojoba extract has more than twice the stability of traditional skin-nourishing blockbusters like shea butter, argan and almond oils.


When researching eco-responsible alternatives to palm oil, Emma and the Aleph development team made an exciting discovery about Milk Thistle Extract.

Milk thistle extract

This multi-functional ingredient is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids and acts as a lipid cement, strengthening the skin barrier. Not only is the skin protected from external free radicals, but it also retains optimum levels of moisture to keep it as healthy as possible, for as long as possible.

Where synthetic silicon is commonly used to create hold in a formula, we've used Milk Thistle Extract. This creates the perfect hold without the slippery, sticky texture of silicon – helping Serum/Primer function as a makeup prep product.

Fresh upon applying and quickly absorbed into the skin. Serum/Primer leaves your skin silky smooth, nourished yet never tacky.

A real time-saver, there is no waiting before the application of Concealer/Foundation and the staying power of makeup pigment is strengthened, saving you touch-ups later in the day.

To find out more about the ingredients giving you that glow, head to our ingredients page.


We’re here to help! If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.

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