Emma's Top 10 Makeup Do's and Don'ts

Emma's Top 10 Makeup Do's and Don'ts

January 18, 2022

Makeup and makeup selection can be a daunting task, especially if you are unsure about what suits you and how to actually use the products in the best way.

There is so much to consider, colour, formulation, how to apply, what do I use to apply, will this product benefit my skin and the list continues.

Emma breaks down her Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts below so that we can use makeup as a tool to enhance your natural beauty and features.


Don't: Over-apply your makeup

Makeup is not a mask and over-applied makeup is incredibly ageing. Makeup is a tool to enhance your features, not hide them. So unless you’re a stage performer, use makeup wisely and keep makeup to a minimum. People should notice you, not your makeup.

Emma suggests: start subtly and layer for more coverage or intensity of colour. If you see streaks of colour going onto your skin, you’re applying too much. 

Watch Emma's tutorial on how to achieve weightless medium-full coverage here.


    Do: Choose colours that suit you

    Choose colours that compliment your skin tone and eye colour, a no no in this area for an everyday look is matching your eyeshadow to your eye colour this will overpower and make you look washed out. Choosing colours that are tonely opposite on the colour wheel, they will make your eyes pop and can be used to correct redness, dark circles and pigmentation. 

    Emma suggests:
    Blue Eyes - go for orange, peach or bronze based eye or lip colours.
    Green Eyes - go for red/plum based colours
    Brown Eyes - you have more choice here so play around with colours to see what works.

    Ultimately, experiment and have fun, be bold where and when you want to and play with every colour to see what makes you look and feel your best. Mix, match and play with Aleph Cheek/Lip Tints and Radiance to create various shades of each product.

    Watch Emma's tutorial here mixing to create her new favourite colour.


    Don’t: Use matte and shimmer incorrectly

    There are many textures to choose from and just as many rules to navigate. The most crucial thing to know is that shimmer reflects light and matte absorbs it.

    Emma suggests: use matte for contouring and shimmer for highlighting. Avoid using shimmer all over the eyelid as this can be dated and ageing. Stick to areas you’d like to draw light into such as the inner corner of the eye or a small section of the eyelid stopping short of the crease and the top of the cheekbone. Adding a highlighting shimmer like Aleph Radiance to your foundation creates an all over glow and instant dimension.

    Watch Emma demystify highlighting and contouring in a video tutorial here.


    Do: Use the right tool for the job

    Keep it simple, good quality and purpose based brushes are all you need.

    Emma suggests: use the Diffuser Brush for your Concealer/Foundation and to buff the cheeks after applying blush and/or contour, Powder Brush for Prep/Finish Powder, Mascara Fan Brush for lashes, Eye Blender Brush for eye pigments and eyeshadow.


    Don’t: Rush your application

    Blending is the most important technique to get right when applying your makeup. The trick to blending is to take your time. Rushing will only result in unsightly streaks or a complete redo. Proper blending is the difference between people noticing your makeup and noticing how great you look.

    Emma suggests: use a flat bottomed foundation brush to buff in your foundation and reserve a soft fluffy eyeshadow brush for blending out your eyeshadow. Using the right tools when blending will result in a seamless finish.


    Do: Care for your brushes

    You must keep your brushes clean. There are two important reasons aside from not wanting a muddy mix of colours from multiple makeup applications. One - If you invest in good brushes they should last a very long time. Washing them properly and often is the key. Two - hygiene. Whenever you touch a brush to your face, especially when the product is water based, left unwashed will become a breeding ground for bacteria. Avoid potentially nasty infections by keeping your brushes clean.

    Emma suggests: wash synthetic brushes with hand soap and animal hair brushes with a mild shampoo followed by conditioner. Rinse and squeeze out excess water and lie flat to dry. Make sure your brush is completely dry before use.

    Watch Emma's tutorial on makeup hygiene best practices here.


    Don’t: Ignore your brows

    Make sure your eyebrows are shaped correctly for your face. By removing the odd stray hair, you can transform your face and expression. Using an eyebrow pencil or powder to give them shape and depth, can take years off your face. But being heavy handed can add those years right back on, so go easy.

    Emma suggests: don’t go overboard with your overhaul. Find a brow specialist to help you find the perfect shape for your face.


    Do: Try a new makeup look

    Have you been doing your makeup the same way for so long, you’ve forgotten why you started doing it that way in the first place? Don’t worry, most of us get caught in the trap at one point or another. We become comfortable with our everyday look and can become nervous to experiment.

    But it’s easy to get out of it when you know what techniques and products to use to suit your face. Making the right changes to the texture of your foundation or colour of your lipstick will create a fresher, more youthful look.

    Emma suggests: step out of your comfort zone, you can always go back, but you won’t know unless you try.

    Find all our video tutorials here.


    Don’t: Wear clumpy mascara

    Clumpy mascara is not a good look. It ends up looking cheap and nasty and does not do a good job of defining your eyes. Mascara clumps are a result of the mascara being too old and therefore dried out. In this case it’s best to bin it and get a new one.

    Another reason for clumps might be heavy handed application. Choose a mascara to suit your needs and a quality mascara should only need one, maybe two light coats, but that is all.

    Emma suggests: choose a great mascara and wipe excess from the wand prior to application.

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    Do: Choose skincare-infused makeup

    Taking care of your skin means a better canvas for your makeup - and the need to use less makeup. Conventional makeup contains a raft of chemicals that can cause a number of issues from allergies to hormone disruption and even cancer.

    All of these can affect your skin and accelerate the ageing process. Opting for makeup with skincare ingredients will give your skin extra benefits that can help to improve your skin overtime.

    Emma suggests: switch to natural skincare and makeup. If correctly chosen, you’ll not only avoid piling chemicals into your body but you might even be fighting the nasties that accelerate the ageing process.

    Read why our skincare-infused, nature-powered ethos can regenerate you and regenerate our world.



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