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How To: Create The Perfect Blush

October 23, 2019

Think of your blush as the ultimate secret beauty weapon.

Get your application right and it delivers more than just a pop of colour. With the right placement, technique and tools, you can restore radiance to your complexion and uplift your entire look.

To keep things simple, scroll on to learn everything you need to know about blush.

Why use blush?

Blush is an essential part of your makeup routine. Once you even out your skin tone with your foundation, you need to put the colour back in the right place. Otherwise, you’ll look washed out and flat. No thanks!

Even if - actually especially if - you are prone to high colour, adding colour back to your cheeks is essential. You’ll add dimension to your face and with the right complementary colour, you’ll also make your eyes stand out and sparkle.

What type of blush should I use?

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There are two main types of blush; powder or crème. You can use one of the other, or overlay them for more intensity. However, crème is the most natural and flattering choice for dry or ageing skin. If you use a foundation with a wet texture (i.e anything that does not start out in powder form), a crème blush works perfectly.

Use a crème blush over your foundation, before your powder (or avoid powder all together). This will create a beautiful glow that looks like it’s part of you - and nothing to do with your makeup.

At Aleph, we’re big fans of a cream-based blush. You’ll see our range of Cheek/Lip Tints are suitable for all skin types and provide an ultra-moisturising feel. Oh, and an extra bonus? These compact pots are travel-friendly, which means there’s no chance of them crumbling in your handbag.

Where do I wear blush?

One of the best beauty secrets we’ve learnt from Aleph founder, Emma, is that blush doesn’t just belong to your cheeks. A crème blush is another one of those great, versatile products that can double as a lipstick too.

Besides adding some colour to your cheeks and lips, you can also wear a touch of blush on the eyelids. Not only will this pull your whole look together, it’ll create a naturally fresh monochromatic look.

What colour of blush works best for me?

To nail a natural-looking flush, picking the right shade is crucial. As we grow older, our skin and lips begin to lose a little colour. Thankfully, we can rely on blush to bring them back to life. So, how do you pick the right shade?

Simple, just look at the natural colours coming through your skin. Your décolletage is a good place to find the perfect match. Failing that, there are some go-to shades.

If you have pale skin, try a cool pink or berry shade. For olive complexions, opt for peachy hues while darker skin tones will glow in deep plum. Of course, there are no set rules to what colour you can and can’t wear - these are just some helpful starter tips.

Okay, how do I apply blush?

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First, establish where you need to place your blush colour. For a flattering finish, draw a line down from your pupil and across the space between your upper lip and nose. That’s where you aim your blush and blend up and out from there (not in or down!).

This simple trick will subtly define, shape and uplift your face, while providing a youthful flush. With Aleph Cheek/Lip Tints, you only need a little product to create a radiant glow, so start with a little and layer until you achieve your desired look. Easy!

What tools should I use?

Blush is meant to mimic where you would naturally flush, so without the right application method you can end up with a stripey-looking finish. Not exactly the desired look. Our solution? Try using your fingers. Making sure they’re clean, use them to warm up the product and gently press it into the skin. Then you’re ready for powder if desired, although it’s not necessary. This is hands down the best way to achieve a flawless finish, leaving no room for blending blunders.

See? It only takes a few little tricks and tips to apply blush like a pro. Blush is an easy way to instantly awaken and enhance your complexion, so learning to master it is a major beauty advantage. Let us know how you go and share your #AlephBeauty snaps with us so we can see! In the meantime, check out our guide to perfecting longer-lasting makeup.

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