Makeup Hygiene Best Practices

Makeup Hygiene Best Practices

August 18, 2020

Let's talk about makeup hygiene. It's always important when you're applying your makeup but especially now while it's a hot topic. I wanted to give you some tips to keep yourself safe and to up your hygiene practices.

Keep these tips in mind & reap the ongoing nourishment benefits of Aleph makeup pots.

Hands are tools that must be washed

The first prep-step is to wash hands thoroughly before makeup application. Which includes before applying Serum/Primer, decanting or warming product, and before applying product directly to the face.

Fingers don't belong in the pot

That's what the Mixing Tool is for – avoid contamination by decanting a small amount of product from the pot and onto the back of the hand. This ensures that only the exact amount of product needed for application is removed from the pot.

The brush doesn't belong in the pot either

After decanting and warming the product, use the Diffuser Brush to take product from the back of the hand to the face. The densely packed bristles will pick up enough product to transfer without excess seeping into the brush. This prevents your beloved Concealer/Foundation from being washed down the drain when going to...

Wash makeup tools regularly

We recommend washing the Diffuser Brush after each use, especially when skin conditions, irritations or breakouts are present. All it takes is 30-seconds with soap and warm water for a fresh and fluffy brush come tomorrow morning's makeup routine – learn how here.

Don't touch your face

After applying makeup, try not to touch the face throughout the day. This will avoid the transfer of bacteria but also help with the longevity of wear by allowing the nourishing ingredients of Concealer/Foundation to settle into the skin.

Whether from home or out and about, look & feel amazing every day.


We’re here to help! If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.

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