Skin Concerns and Why They Occur

Skin Concerns and Why They Occur

September 08, 2021

Our skin is our canvas to the world. Aleph skin specialist Maria dives into her 20+ years of beauty therapy and breaks down common skin concerns, how they occur, and a few preventative measures we can all take.


As we age, we can lose volume and retention in the skin which increases the illusion of dark circles under the eyes. However, this is different to discolouration under the eyes – caused by a number of factors such as hormone imbalance, lack of quality sleep, poor diet, illness, or simply hereditary. While lots of eye creams will support lymphatic drainage, reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve hydration, these are less likely to improve the appearance of dark under eyes. The best way to counteract dark circles is to treat the cause, but for a quick fix use concealer under the eyes to balance overall skin discolouration.


There are different types of pigmentation – hormonal, sun damage, age-related, hereditary freckles – and these form in different layers of the skin. Deeper pigmentation is much harder to treat with topical products as most over-the-counter products work for surface pigmentation. Not only is sun damage the most common cause, it also exacerbates all forms of pigmentation. Wearing a natural sunscreen 365 days of the year is your best, and most cost effective, treatment to prevent and protect skin from pigmentation.


Acne can be triggered by different causes such as diet, stress, hormonal imbalances and certain medications. The severity of this condition varies dramatically from a whitehead to a cyst and often a lifestyle changes will help improve this condition.

Most people will experience a pimple or a black head at some stage in their lives.  A blackhead is an open comedone, whereas a whitehead is a closed comedone. It’s commonly perceived that blackheads indicate dirty pores but the blackness actually comes from the sebum in that pore being exposed and oxidised. Whiteheads have a layer of skin over the top which prevents exposure to the air, hence why it stays white. This is where a good skincare routine can help to regulate exfoliation of dead skin, keep pores clear and lessen pimples becoming infected or inflamed.


Often these two get paired together, but they’re actually quite different. Fine lines are commonly caused by dehydrated skin, which means we can easily improved with a quality hydrating product. Wrinkles are static lines caused by permanent loss of collagen and elastin, this naturally happens as you age. But this can be exacerbated by sun damage – the UVB rays cause our skin to burn, it’s the UVA rays that break down collagen and elastin. Soften the appearance of wrinkles with a hydrating skincare routine to create a plump and dewy looking complexion.


Another thing that happens with age, skin regenerates at a slower rate and loses its natural glow. Mature skin tends to take 6 - 7 weeks to turnover whereas younger skin cycles over four weeks. This slower cell turnover can lead to a dull, sallow looking complexion as dead cells accumulate on the surface of the skin. A hydrating skincare routine, plus weekly exfoliation, can help liven the appearance of skin and give off a youthful, radiant glow.


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