How to Revitalise Your Holiday Skin

How to Revitalise Your Holiday Skin

January 19, 2021

With a lot of us returning from holiday at this time of year, it can feel like the end of summer. Yet, the warmer days and longer nights are just upon us. Why should the feel-good energy of the summer holidays end?

This time of year reminds us of a healthy, relaxed-looking glow. From the days spent relaxing in the sun, our appearance radiates a sense of health and happiness.

And this is usually associated with a bronzed tan to the skin.

Revitalise your holiday skin with Emma’s quick tip for an instant bronze, without the need for sun or fake tan.


Our multi-tasking Radiance ~ Sun can be used on the cheeks, lips and eyes, and also added to Concealer/Foundation. But a lesser-known trick is to mix Radiance ~ Sun with Serum/Primer to create a glowing makeup base.

Here’s how:

  1. Using your Mixing Tool, take a scraping of Radiance ~ Sun and warm on the back of the hand.
  2. Add 2 - 5 drops of Serum/Primer, depending on how much surface area you want to cover or the intensity of the glow you want to achieve.
  3. Apply to the face with your fingertips, blending down the neck and around the neckline.

As the sensitive area around the neckline is highly exposed at this time of year, it’s important to keep this hydrated by bringing your Serum/Primer application down to the neck and décolletage.

Summer Essentials

Use this trick to prime before the application of Concealer/Foundation or on its own for an instant boost.

This is a great trick for a glowing, tanned complexion but can also be used as a fake tan for the arms, legs or anywhere that you want to add a bit of bronze.

Maintain your holiday glow for a never-ending summer with Radiance ~ Sun and Serum/Primer.


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