The Aleph Guide to Summer Beauty

The Aleph Guide to Summer Beauty

December 14, 2021

Summer is the season we all hold out for - warm days, sunshine, the beach, hours outside and long days.

One thing we may struggle with during summer is how to keep our makeup looking as fresh as when we first applied, how to glow but not look like our skin is “shiny” and how to add a bit of pop to our everyday makeup.

We have put together some easy tips and Aleph pairings to help your look last the distance.


Stay All Day, Matte Coverage

To keep unwanted shine at bay, Prep and Finish your skin with Prep/Finish Powder. Pro tip: make sure to press your powder into your skin with the Aleph Powder Brush to give a better finish and to help with all day staying power.

How to: Create a long-wearing matte complexion by layering Prep/Finish Powder with Concealer/Foundation. Prep skin with an even sweep of Prep/Finish Powder to create hold for Concealer/Foundation. Mattify and set complexion with Prep/Finish Powder after Concealer/Foundation to maintain hold. 


Coral Highlight

Coral doesn’t just have to be for your outfit or accessories in summer. Cheek/Lip Tint Ascend and Radiance Moon create a beautiful flush of Coral for the cheeks or eyes.

How to: Mix 1 part Cheek/Lip Tint Ascend with 2 parts Radiance Moon for a summery, coral highlight.


Tinted Moisturiser with Bronzer

If you are only looking for sheer coverage over the holidays but want a bronzed glow the combination of Serum/PrimerConcealer/Foundation and Radiance Sun is the perfect solution. We all gain a little colour this time of year, so Sun is the perfect addition to your regime.

How to: Serum/Primer mixed with Concealer/Foundation for a tinted moisturiser. 
Use Radiance Sun on the high points of the face for a bronzed glow.


Tinted Lip Oil

Want a pop of glossy nourishing colour for a summer lunch? Then look no further than Aleph Serum/Primer mixed with your favourite Cheek/Lip Tint or Radiance. Make sure you don’t forget your Aleph Lip Brush for precision application.

How to: Mix any Cheek/Lip Tint or Radiance with 2-3 drops of Serum/Primer for a moisturising, dewy (not sticky!) tinted lip oil.


Emma's Do's and Don'ts for Summer Beauty:

  • Do use Prep/Finish Powder to prep skin for all-day hold.
  • Don't rush your makeup application as a rushed result never looks good. Instead, take your time and treat it like self care. 
  • Do keep Prep/Finish Powder nearby throughout the day to banish shine.
  • Don't forget mascara - a few swipes on the lashes wakes up the face. 
  • Do add a little Radiance Sun to your Concealer/Foundation for bronzed glow.
  • Don't leave your Aleph cream products in the sun.
  • Do continue to use your Serum/Primer over summer, your skin still needs nourishment through the warmer months.
  • Do have fun! Be adventurous with colour and dress to your mood. 



We’re here to help! If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.

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