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Your Winter Skin Survival Guide

July 03, 2019

When winter strikes, it can really do a number on our skin. Redness, dry patches, irritation and flaky skin all threaten to ruin our makeup and our mood, despite our usual regimens.

Fellow winter-skin victims, we feel your pain. Especially now that winter has sunk her moisture-sapping claws deep into our skincare routines!

The temperature has officially taken a steep dive, which means it’s time to rethink our skincare strategy.

Of course, we’re all now on the hunt for skincare tips that’ll safeguard our complexion until summer rolls around again. Luckily, our team has done their research.

In an effort to stop our faces from drying out, lips cracking and feeling just generally ‘bleurgh’, we’ve tapped into the best skin-saving remedies for your benefit.

From what foods to eat and the products worth taking, to the nighttime habits you need to adopt ASAP, keep scrolling for glowy skin all season long.

1. Gently does it

winter skin tips soap bubble in hand

For all of winter’s seasonal highs (evenings spent by the fire, hot chocolates, and winter coats), there are a few unpleasant side effects. Enter the season of itchy, dry and irritated skin - Which isn’t helped by harsh cleansers.

Be sure to toss any cleansers that contain drying ingredients, like synthetic fragrances or alcohol, in favour of natural-based products that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Those oils are essential for locking in moisture and preventing your skin from turning into sandpaper!

2. Rethink your diet

Alongside your skincare strategy, a clever vitamin regime can do your winter skin wonders. With a direct connection between our gut and skin health, the foods you put inside your body can have a very real impact on your complexion.

Fatty foods like oily fish, walnuts and avocados, are essential for healthy skin while vitamin C foods are vital for collagen production. And while you’re adjusting your diet, make sure to stay away from alcohol and caffeine.

Some studies suggest these guilty indulgences are diuretics, which are known for dehydration! Instead, double down on your water intake.

3. Magnify your moisturizing

winter skin tips woman applying makeup infront of mirror

When the going gets tough, the tough get moisturising. While your light lotions may do the trick in the summer, it’s time for the professional artillery to step in. And by that, we’re talking about night creams.

These mega-hydrating creams are a step above your day moisturiser and do their best work at night when your body is more receptive to healing. Because you’re no longer exposed to environmental factors, your body has ample energy to help restore tired skin cells and get back to its rejuvenated self.

4. Switch to hydrating makeup

Seriously, is there anything more frustrating than your makeup flaking off midday? During the colder months, replace your drying powder-based makeup with creamy formulas that contain hydrating ingredients.

To help keep our skin feeling hydrated and looking dewy, we’ve infused our entire Aleph range with moisture-boosting ingredients like Jojoba oil and Candelilla wax, so flaky makeup is no longer an issue!

5. Nail down a nighttime routine

winter skin tips bathtub

Every night before bed, stick to a routine that will deliver radiant morning skin. Despite how heavenly a hot shower feels on a chilly night, fight the urge to crank the temperature as this will only sabotage your skin by drying it out more!

Too much hot water causes your skin’s natural hydration to evaporate, thus undoing all of your moisturising efforts! So, shorten your showers, lower the temp and invest in a nourishing antioxidant serum to complete your evening care ritual.

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