Zoom Ready Makeup - How to Quickly Prep For Video Calls

April 07, 2020

Video calls are the new normal. Working, socializing and teaching, all from home.

Sometimes the new way may involve working at home in pajamas and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Other times the day may consist of multiple video calls with friends, family or colleagues.

Here’s our guide to great video call makeup:

  1. For a beautiful velvety BB cream effect, mix a third of a pea sized scoop of Concealer/Foundation with two drops of Serum/Primer.
  2. Buff this into the skin with the Vegan Diffuser Brush, avoiding the eye area. The skin around the eye area is super delicate and can get overloaded with too much product, causing creasing.

    Therefore applying Concealer/Foundation neat to clean skin under the eyes will give you a long wearing, crease-free finish.

    It's recommended to use Serum/Primer around the eyes at night time to get all the nourishing and regenerating skincare benefits.

    When applying Concealer/Foundation around the eyes, remember the outer and inner corners. This will cover any darkness around the eyes and instantly lift and brighten.
  3. With the Mixing Tool, scrape out a small amount of Radiance ~ Moon onto the back of the hand and warm it up with a clean fingertip. Radiance products may need more warming up as the weather gets colder as they’re formulated to warm to the skin's temperature and not the air temperature. This prevents a sticky consistency. Press this onto the eyelids for a brightened look that’ll enhance and define the eyes.
  4. Next gently apply eyeliner to the underside of the top lashes, then top that off with a mascara to further define the eyes.

    Avoid going too dark with your eye makeup as this can overpower your eyes on a video call.
  5. A crucial element to framing the eyes is great brow definition. To avoid harsh, ageing brows, ensure the chosen brow colour is the same if not lighter than your natural tone.
  6. For best cheek colour placement, draw an imaginary line down from your pupil and another out from between your nose and upper lip. Dab it onto the apples of the cheeks and blend it up and out with a clean finger. Here, Emma uses Cheek/Lip Tint Grounded.
  7. For a pop of colour on the lips, select your favourite Cheek/Lip Tint. Emma uses Cheek/Lip Tint Pixie, this is one of her favourites when she’s wanting a more natural lip.

      Hygiene is always incredibly important. One way to ensure that you're practicing the best hygiene when applying makeup is to wash your hands before and after and avoid touching your face once your makeup is done.

      Most importantly, use clean tools. Disinfect and wipe your Mixing Tool after every use and ideally, wash your Vegan Diffuser Brush after every application also. Not only are these tips hygienic, they’ll also make sure your makeup lasts well all day long.

      Another even better reason to wear your Aleph makeup during your video conferences? Our carefully selected ingredients contain nourishing properties that help protect your skin against the harsh blue light it’s being exposed to. So you’re looking good and also protecting your skin, what a win win!

      Give this tutorial a try, follow along with the video and then send us your photos of the finished look, we’d love to see!

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