5 Expert Tips for Long-Wearing Cream Color

5 Expert Tips for Long-Wearing Cream Color

July 02, 2024

Achieving long-lasting, crease-free cream color on the eyes doesn't have to be a challenge. By following these five tips, you'll be able to enjoy Aleph Beauty's cream products on your eyes all day long.

Let Your Skincare Settle In

One of the common mistakes when applying cream color (Cheek/Lip Tint) is not allowing your skincare products to settle properly. After completing your skincare routine, wait a few minutes before applying cream color. Be sure to avoid applying skincare directly onto the eyelids to prevent excess slip that can lead to creasing. Less is More, especially around the eye area. avoid putting any skincare products on the eyelid when you intend to wear makeup on the lids, as our products are very nourishing in themselves.

Prep the Eye with Prep/Finish Powder

Before applying your cream color (Cheek/Lip Tint), apply Prep/Finish Powder to the eyelids. This step creates a smooth and matte base for the eyeshadow to adhere to, preventing it from settling into fine lines and creases. The powder also helps absorb excess oils, ensuring a longer-lasting and crease-free finish.

Use the Right Tools

The tools you use can make a significant difference in the application and longevity of your Cheek/Lip Tint on the eyes and Hybrid Eye Pigment. Aleph’s Vegan Pro Tools or can be used to layer the product evenly. Vegan brushes work well with cream formulas and provide a seamless blend. Remember to clean your brushes regularly to avoid product buildup, which can affect the performance of your eyeshadow.

Set Cream Color with Prep/Finish Powder

To enhance the longevity of your cream color (Cheek/Lip Tint), set it by pressing Prep/Finish Powder over the top using your Powder brush. This extra step helps to prevent creasing throughout the day.

Don't Touch Your Eyes During the Day

Once your cream color is in place, resist the temptation to touch or rub your eyes throughout the day. Excessive rubbing can disrupt the product and lead to creasing.

Cheek/Lip Tint in Grounded and Terra serves as stunning neutral cream shades for the eyes. Additionally, Aleph Radiance Balm is an essential for imparting a beautiful glow to the eyelids.

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