5 Easy and Essential Makeup Tips for Over 40’s Skin

5 Easy and Essential Makeup Tips for Over 40’s Skin

April 26, 2019

Makeup trends come and go, but there are some timeless techniques that will help you radiate youth at any age.

As we grow older, our skin changes. Sun damage becomes more evident, our collagen and elasticity levels fade and hormonal changes take place. Naturally, fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin inevitably appear.

We strongly believe that age is nothing to mask but something to embrace. However, a lot of women aren’t shown how to replace their high-school makeup methods for ones that better suit their age. Let’s be honest, no one talks about applying makeup to skin that’s no longer plump!

When your old routine loses its magic, it might be time to refresh your repertoire. Let us help you get your makeup mojo back with these five simple tips.

1. Swap powders for cream products

Powder tends to sit on the surface of the skin and create extra texture, intensifying the appearance of wrinkles. Cream products melt softly into the skin creating a much more natural look.

As we age, the skin tends to lose its hydration, so using a cream product with more moisture is another great reason to swap. Even better, it’s harder to make mistakes with cream makeup. Start with a small dab and gradually build to soft, flattering colour.

2. Cheek colours are your best friend

Bring some gorgeous, natural colour back into your complexion. For those with high colour who even their skin with a foundation, it’s essential to bring the natural colour back to avoid looking washed out.

For the best result, pick a shade closest to your natural flush. Our collection of Aleph Cheek/Lip Tints are sheer, universally flattering hues that work with a wide range of skin tones.

Pro tip? Apply your Cheek/Lip Tint on the upper part of your cheekbones in an upward sweep and reverse gravity’s effect.

3. Go easy on the brows

Definition is important but remember, less is more. Eyebrows should be filled in with a colour that’s a touch lighter than your natural brows to give fullness without adding depth.

As we age, we start losing definition in colour and shape, so be mindful to keep things natural looking. It might be tempting to hold on to more youthful days, thinking that applying makeup in the same way will turn back the clock but in fact, dark colours and harsh lines do the opposite.

4. Keep eyeshadow simple

Move over bold eyeshadow, the lashes are getting the spotlight now. Avoid harsh contouring and instead, look to those fluttering lashes for eye definition. To open up and brighten the eyes, curl the lashes.

Additionally, try using a dark brown or black eyeliner on the underside of the top lash line and create an illusion of volume.

5. Be nice to your skin

Your skin is your best beauty asset, so look after it with great nutrition, drink lots of water, exfoliate regularly and choose non-toxic beauty products.

Despite their pretty packaging, commercial beauty brands are guilty of using harmful ingredients that can damage your skin over time. To avoid harming your skin, always read the ingredients label and do some research on your chosen brand pre-purchase.

Aleph Beauty only uses powerful active, natural ingredients that work in harmony with the skin at a cellular level. For us, it’s important we create makeup that not only looks good but actively nourishes the skin too!


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