High Impact Festive Makeup Looks

December 21, 2021

We all want to look fresh and flawless on Christmas Day with a look we don’t have to touch up as the day goes on.

A look that represents you naturally, one that will take us from morning to the evening so we can enjoy time with family, friends and loved ones, while not having to be concerned that half our make-up has dwindled away.

We have created three perfect looks for you ranging from a sleek classic finish right through to a bit more pop if you so desire. Aleph has you covered this season so that you can shine with low effort looks and look and feel your best whatever your festive plans are.

The Classic

A high-impact red lip complemented with a soft wash of colour across the cheeks. 

Complexion: Start by creating a smooth canvas with an all-over sweep of Prep/Finish Powder. Apply your preferred coverage of Concealer/Foundation with Aleph Diffuser Brush

Eyes: Apply Cheek/Lip Tint Terra to your lash line with Aleph Lip Brush, gently flicking into a soft wing at the end. Using Aleph Eye Blender Brush, smoke out Terra in the outer third of your eyelid to create a soft contour. Finish by curling your lashes and applying a few swipes of Lift/Lengthen Mascara.

Cheeks: Decant Cheek/Lip Tint Pixie onto the back of your hand with Aleph Mixing Tool. Apply the colour to your cheeks, and optionally, a little across the tip of your nose. This creates a warm flush and ties together the rest of the look. Apply Radiance Moon to the high points of your face to finish.

Lips: Sweep Prep/Finish Powder across your lips; this trick helps any lip colour stay on for longer. Using Aleph Lip Brush, line your lips with Cheek/Lip Tint Sangha (read our article here on how to transform your lip shape with lip liner). Fill in the rest of your lips with Sangha, blot away the excess with tissue, then repeat. By applying lip colour in layers, this ensures the result is more pigmented and lasts longer.


Lit-From-Within Diffused Glow

Complexion: Press a few drops of Serum/Primer into the skin and let it sink in before the next step. Mix 1 part Radiance Sun with 3 parts Concealer/Foundation to create a glowing, bronzed complexion. 

Eyes: Using the Aleph Eye Blender Brush, prime the lids with an even sweep of Prep/Finish Powder. With your finger, pat Flicker across the eyelids. Using the Aleph Eye Blender Brush, gently blend this out until soft and diffused. Follow with Cheek/Lip Tint Terra, applying close to the lash line and blending out on the outer third to add depth. Finish by curling your lashes and applying a few swipes of Lift/Lengthen Mascara.

Cheeks: Apply Cheek/Lip Tint Grounded on the cheeks and Radiance Sun on the high points of the face. 

Lips: Decant Cheek/Lip Tint Grounded onto your palm and mix with a few drops of Serum/Primer to create a tinted lip oil. 


Monochromatic Rosy Hues

Complexion: Build your desired coverage with Concealer/Foundation and Aleph Diffuser Brush. Set and mattify shine with Prep/Finish Powder.

Eyes: Pack Aleph Lip Brush with Flicker and draw a winged line across the lids. Use a Q-tip to clean up the ends and sharpen the wing. Finish by curling your lashes and applying a few swipes of Lift/Lengthen Mascara.

Cheeks: Softly contour the cheeks with Cheek/Lip Tint Grounded and highlight the cheekbones with Radiance Star

Lips: Decant Cheek/Lip Tint Crush onto the back of your hand with Aleph Mixing Tool. Using your fingers, pat Crush onto the lips, building the layers as you go and creating a soft, diffused berry lip. 


Emma's Do's and Don'ts for Summer Beauty:

  • Do use Prep/Finish Powder to prep skin for all-day hold.
  • Don't rush your makeup application as a rushed result never looks good. Instead, take your time and treat it like self care. 
  • Do keep Prep/Finish Powder nearby throughout the day to banish shine.
  • Don't forget mascara - a few swipes on the lashes wakes up the face. 
  • Do add a little Radiance Sun to your Concealer/Foundation for bronzed glow.
  • Don't leave your Aleph cream products in the sun.
  • Do continue to use your Serum/Primer over summer, your skin still needs nourishment through the warmer months.
  • Do have fun! Be adventurous with colour and dress to your mood. 



We’re here to help! If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.

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