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How to Choose The Way You Age

March 03, 2020

When it comes to ageing, at Aleph, we believe it is a privilege.

Every additional year brings new experiences, new learnings, new people to love, new wisdom and new happy memories.

This is why we prefer to look at the concept of "anti-ageing" differently. Why would we want to be anti all the good things that ageing brings?

Instead, we believe in a future-oriented way of thinking about ageing where proactive behaviour helps control the way we age.

To understand how proactive ageing works, first we need to understand what ageing means.

Our organs rely on the cells that make them function properly. Cells regenerate themselves constantly so that they function at optimal performance. Think of how when you change a clogged filter, your dishwasher works better. Same with our cells, the healthier our cells metabolism, the more efficient our organs.

Over time, this renewal process slows down as the free radicals naturally present in our body become more efficient at oxidising cells and therefore impairing our cells metabolism.

city pollution

Environmental factors (also called stressors) such as pollution or UV overexposure and internal factors such as stress and diet as well as the personal care products we use – all have a direct impact on our cells energy centres (called mitochondria) and their efficiency.

Drained by the constant attacks, these energy levels are depleted faster. Which explains why stimulating the mitochondria biogenesis is key to protecting our body, improving our cells energy usage and increasing longevity of our cells.

This is where proactive ageing comes into play.

By understanding the molecular mechanisms driving the ageing process, we can proactively support our body’s natural coping abilities.

Choosing the way we live, the products we use and food we eat can affect the way our cells metabolise – and the way we age.

And it’s not science fiction.

Nature has in fact given us all the tools to live a healthier life, for longer. This idea that nature gives us what we need to control the way we age is proven in areas around the world also called Blue Zones. In Blue Zones areas ( Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece, and Loma Linda, California) the count of centenarians per capita is significantly higher than elsewhere in the world.

Their secret? A clean, high plant diet, less exposure to harmful external stressors, physical activity and a connection to their community. A fairly simple prescription to healthy longevity, isn’t it?

Proactive ageing and beauty

The power of proactive ageing can have positive visible effects on your skin too.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore requires a lot of cellular energy to function efficiently. The small tweaks we make to improve our lifestyle, as well as the products we choose to use can actively prompt a positive reaction to stressors.

By boosting cell metabolism, we help to improve the appearance of our skin, enhancing the appearance in tone and texture but also in elasticity.

This is why we designed our products so they support your natural cells metabolism.

proactive ageing aleph beauty serum

For instance, our Serum/Primer contains powerful plant cells that help stimulate your own skin cells’ regulation process, getting rid of oxidised, damaged cells while promoting cellular renewal.

And our Concealer/Foundation boasts CoQ10, an antioxidant that your body produces naturally and that generates energy in our cells as well as Alaria Esculanta Extract which has been shown to support and stimulate the skin’s metabolism.

We always choose our sustainable ingredients carefully so they support a proactive ageing way of living. Our priority is to help your body to do what it does best naturally, for as long as possible.

We like to say that Aleph formulas give a nudge to your body’s natural response. The positive side effect of this approach is a visible improvement in your skin’s appearance.

Being mindful of the way we live, eat and move helps us be in control of the way we age. Proactive ageing is a mindset and a lifestyle.

The best part? There is no age requirement to start.

What are some of the ways you are ageing proactively?



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