7 Makeup Principles

7 Makeup Principles

June 07, 2023

Skin first, makeup second

Taking care of your skin means your products apply better, you use less product, and your glow shows. Aleph is formulated with potent, good-for-you ingredients, designed to protect and regenerate your skin over time while giving you the freedom to create your look. 

Our go-to skin hero Serum/Primer is multi-tasking skin serum and a makeup primer.

The potent ingredients nourish your skin, provides intensive hydration, strengthens the skin barrier, and flushes out toxins that speed up skin ageing. It’s the crucial foundation to boost the other skincare ingredients in Aleph makeup, working hard to regenerate your skin while you wear.

Read on for Emma's 7 makeup principles.

Get shade matched correctly

Just like how you naturally notice something out of order, nobody looks good when their face doesn’t match the rest of their body. Getting the right shade for your skin tone is key to looking good - as well as getting matched with the right hues that suit your skin tone.

Our Colour Consult service matches you with the right Concealer/Foundation shade - as well as Cheek/Lip Tint hues to complement, and the best routine for your skin type or any skin concerns you may have.

Slow and steady

Good things take time, and the same goes for your face: a rushed application can mean a messy result and your makeup slipping earlier than expected.

Layer your Concealer/Foundation to build coverage, buff and blend in smooth circular motions to achieve a smooth, even coverage - get the step-by-step in our tutorial here. Your skin should look like skin - cake face never looks good on anyone. 

Use the best tools for the job

You won’t use a fork to drink soup, so why would you use the wrong tool for the wrong product?

The Diffuser Brush is best paired with Concealer/Foundation, it’s dense bristles designed to efficiently achieve even and smooth coverage.

The Powder Brush is best paired with Prep/Finish Powder, it’s ultra-soft, feathery bristles designed for smooth sweeps to blur pores and set your look.

The Lip Brush is best paired with Cheek/Lip Tint, it’s packed bristles designed to pick up and swipe on bold strokes of colour.

Use the Mixing Tool to hygienically decant any cream product with precision and without waste.

Keep it clean

Wash your brushes often as dirty brushes can transfer bacteria to your skin and other makeup products. Our tutorial here breaks down the best practices for makeup hygiene. Be sure you know the suggested lifetime of your products to avoid using expired product on your skin. 

Use the Mixing Tool to hygienically decant the product - keeping your fingers out. But if you do prefer to use your fingers, make sure they’re clean before you start.

Spotlight your unique features

Contouring and highlighting may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. You have unique features - it’s simply about understanding how to make them shine.

Cheek/Lip Tint Terra and Grounded are great, buildable contour shades. To complement, highlight with Radiance Sun and Moon, respectively. By playing with shadow and light, we can emphasise our best features and dim down the focus on areas we may wish to hide.

Less is more

While it’s tempting to do everything all at once, a more finessed, curated look is ultimately more memorable.

If you’re doing a standout eye look, keep your lips pared back and complement with soft contour and highlight. If you’re doing a bold lip, then keep your eyes simple and complement the lips with a soft wash of blush.

By going less is more, you’re giving more impact with less makeup.


We’re here to help! If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact us.

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